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This common solution to StarCraft-related hosting and game joining problems will hopefully help you in your quest to become as Gosu as Renzokuken and Battle Minnow. :)

Are you behind a router?
Many routers have built-in firewalls. Firewalls block outside traffic from the internet that is not normally used by Internet Explorer, Netscape, Firefox, or whatever other browser you use. A very common problem with being behind a router is latency issues when someone tries to join a game you host or you try to join another game.

If you often see all games on battle.net with 6 red bars, or you have a lag plug when you're in a channel (and you're not using a bot), try the following:

In your Internet Explorer/other address bar, type: or
From there you will be prompted to enter in a username and password to the router. If you are unsure, try:
Username: admin
Password: admin

Those are the default values for most types of routers. If that does not work, ensure that your Capslock key isn't on. If it still doesn't work, than someone else in your house has changed the router password (likely someone good with computers there). If that is the problem, you will have to get that information, or have them finish the rest of this on their own to be able to fix your problem.

You will come to a screen that will display various controls you can use with your router, please do not modify anything unless you know what you are doing on any of the other screens.

Click on "Applications & Gaming", or if you do not see that near the top, look for "Port Forwarding", many older models of Linksys routers used to have that instead.

You should be at a screen that looks like this:

First Row:
In the field "From" under "Port Range", type: 6110
In the field "To" under "Port Range", type 6119

Second Row:
In the field "From" under "Port Range", type: 27959
In the field "To" under "Port Range", type 27961
The second list of ports have been supplied as known ports used by battle.net by LinkSys)

Though b.net really only uses 6112, getting a range like that will ensure that you shouldn't have any problems. I've known it to use other ports for me before in the past.

*Next it will ask you for connection protocol, TCP, UDP, or Both. Ensure that is set to "Both".

Next it will ask for your IP address, starting with 192.168.1.[blank]. If you do not know what your IP address on your router is, do the following.

Go to Start > Run...
Type: cmd <hit enter>
(You should get a black screen with a white cursor)
Type: ipconfig <hit enter>

You want to look for something similar to "" or "". You might have a last digit as high as 104 or more depending on how many other computers are on your network, but using those last 3 digits, enter that into the IP field on your router control panel.

Lastly, make sure the box at the end of that line is checked off, and click "Save Settings" at the bottom of the screen.

Now restart StarCraft, and everything should work! :)


If you're still having problems getting your ports forwarded, check out this site to see if we may have missed anything on this thread. This walkthrough offers step-by-step instructions to configure almost any router model, complete with screenshots of what you're seeing.

PortForward.com - Free Help Setting up Your Router or Firewall

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BattleForums.com is not responsible for any problems arising from using this tutorial. It is designed to allow gamers to access Battle.net, and other online Blizzard services.

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something that helps a bit on my lag issue
any way i found some other things that might prevent lag nut need to re find how
Info from this site [here]

Ways to Decrease Lag

When in a multiplayer game, go to Menu > Options > Sounds. For best latency, you should unckeck all four boxes because that will put less of a stress on your computer for resources. Of coures that will make the game quite boring, but there's a trade-off for everything! Below is a picture of what the window should look like when configuring for Best Latency by disabling sound

Another method is to go to Menu > Options > Video. Uncheck Enable Color Cycling and change the radio button to Disable unit portraits as shown on the picture below. This, for the same reason as the Sound configuring, will also help decrease lag

Another very important thing that helps reduce lag during Multiplayer games on Battle.net is when the gaming is counting down. People are not suppose to be "talking" during that time, for that as when all the computers sync themselves together. "talking" during that time will cause a slowdown. The purpose of the 5 second countdown is to reduce lag. Please don't "talk" while the time is counting down during your next game

Also, in most Battle.net game nowadays, people are always changing the game to Extra high latency! Believe it or not, if you've ever read the note on top, changing it to extra high latency will make for smooth performance, but setting a lower latency reduces the time between when you click and when the unit responds. Keeping the a Battle.net game on Low Latency should help to improve the lag

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