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StarCraft II ®: Heart of the Swarm™ Beta Test Invitation

Congratulations! You’ve been selected to participate in the beta test of StarCraft ® II: Heart of the Swarm™.

This is the first of several phases of the beta test, and to start off we will be focusing on multiplayer units only. An exciting array of new units and abilities have been added to the terrans, protoss, and zerg, and in the coming weeks and months your participation in the beta test will play a key role in helping us shape the StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm multiplayer experience. Additional Heart of the Swarm features will also become available in future phases of the beta test.

Please note that there is NO non-disclosure agreement associated with the beta test. We encourage you to take screenshots, stream your games, and talk about the beta test with your friends!

We look forward to hearing your feedback, and we’ll see you on!

How to Get Started

1. Get the installer: Log in to your account. In your list of games, click StarCraft II ®: Heart of the Swarm and select the appropriate download link for your language and operating system.

Please note: While the Heart of the Swarm Beta will be accessible in all regions, the languages supported for the Beta will only include the following: English, German, French, and Korean. Support for additional languages may be added later.

2. Install the StarCraft II 2012 Beta client: Once you’ve downloaded the installer, run it and follow the directions to install the client on your machine.
3. Run the game and log in to After the game installs, click “Play” on the Launcher interface to run the game. Log in with your account and you’ll be able to begin playing!

Any questions? Check out the FAQ at the StarCraft II Community Site:

Tell Us What You Think

Please keep in mind that the game is still a work in progress, and one of the purposes of the beta test is to identify any issues and improve the player experience before the game ships. After you’ve had a chance to check out the beta and play with the new units, we want to hear your thoughts! Please share your feedback by posting in our StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Beta Forums:


** IMPORTANT ** To avoid graphical bugs and other technical issues, please ensure your video card drivers are up-to-date.

If you run into any other difficulties installing the StarCraft II beta client, or need to contact customer support, please visit the customer support webform at

We will be adding additional participants in the coming weeks. The best way to get your friends or family involved is to ensure they have opted into the beta test on Account Management and are actively playing StarCraft II. Please do not contact customer support with requests for additional beta test invites.

Please retain this email for your records.

Enjoy the game!

The StarCraft II Development Team


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