Warcraft Ghouls and Necromancers Strategy


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This tactic is mostly used either by the beginners, or by the most experienced players in team games. Easy and excellent to creep or rush, it is perfect when some one has the intention of making fast mass, and later mass. Still, be warned, quality is not the top here.

This tactic consists of creation 2 Crypts at the start of the game, and the making as many ghouls as possible. If you plan to make a quick rush, then you can the Raise skeleton item at the Undead shop, and make a quick army pretty fast. The preferred hero for the tactic is the Dread Lord. With his Vampiric Aura aiding his vast melee, and his Sleep spell, nothing will certainly escape. While the aura is great for mass, the sleep allows you to surround a unit and kill it easily. However, when massing you must also find the balance needed to teach as fast as possible, which turns this tactic into a bigger challenge.

Because you have quick units at start, you can make a very effective rush to the enemy. And while you are rushing you can be making tech in your base. This is the ideal concept that every player try to reach. If you manage to occupy your enemy with minor units, you will be able to reach tier 3. This tactic is even more powerful in large team games, as Necromancers (Necros from now on) are very powerful summoners. Massing allows you to creep at start as well, but it is less recommendable, because if you do so, you will allow your enemies to tech. Necros also have other utilities beyond the Raise Skeleton spell. They can Cripple enemy units, thus grating you the time you need to surround and kill them. However, using the Sleep ability from the Dread Lord is more recommendable as it lasts longer, and prevents the enemy unit form moving and/or casting any spells.

This tactic is focused in the death of ghouls. You make mass ghouls because you want them to die and create corpses for your mighty Necros. Also remember that you can always create siege weapons to hold corpses for you, thus helping the mass even more.

If the enemy reaches better units faster then you, then your ghouls will just be free experience to the enemy. Ghouls are weak, and although they are perfect to start the game, remember that they are not worthy on later stages. If you want your Ghouls to die, then you must be ready for that – you must have enough Necros with enough mana to support you.

If the enemy focuses your Necros before they summon enough skeletons then you are as good as dead. The key is to get Necros and to make them survive. Also, remember that Necros are very weak, so having a few units protecting them would be a great idea.
Although this tactic is good to resist frontal attacks and hit-and-run attacks, it is obvious that it is useless against air units. Although you can have Skeleton Mages, they are not up to the level of tier 3 flying units such as Gryphons, Chimeras, or others, which will strike and kill your Necros very fast and easily. You should also be careful with anti-spellcasters, as they will destroy your Skeletons in no time. Again, this is a team tactic – you need a mate to cover up anti-air and anti-spellcasting units.