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Aug 2, 2002
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Java/ Bow Zon Stats

hp-800k or 790k
Dr- good at 2040 at life 790k .

Damage for bow must b 12k-28k
Java zon damage-28k-43k
17 mill for good attack rating.
On amazon your dex affects your damage as well as your strength so that means if your aiming for damage between 1000-100 000, then u can forget about 2.1 billion dex plus u dont need such high dex when u have passive skills.

If you are using a javazon. i use around 75 000-85 000 damage. And for life leach u can use a very famous combo of 42% 42% 43% that works fairly good but i use something a bit higher.

As for 1-2 Damage. even if it says that, you will still be doing a fair amount of damage but i wouldnt keep it like that. Means your damage overlapped. It's like your dex. if you raise it to 2.2 billion your defense starts going negative. But it still works perfectly just overlapped and instead of when u raise ur dex and your defense goes up it starts going down when u raise ur dex.

Anyways who needs damage in the millions. your damage already starts to overlap on most classes when u reach 100 000 im pretty sure.
ok.... here are my stats that i use on my bow zon. these stats are meant to only use guided arrows. these stats work very well for me.
str. 2,147,483,645
dex. 2,147,483,647
vit. 500
engy. 500
life. 830,000
mana. 700,000

you should have absorb amulet and rings resist all, resist poison max resist poison, and poison length reduced by. for a fast character all the the attributes below should equal a total of -180. -180 attackspeed, -180 faster run/walk, -180 faster hit recovery, -180 faster blockrate, and -180 faster castrate. oh and the damage overlaps three times which is very good so don't worry about it.
For javazon... strength is the biggest influence on damage. depends on your base damage, but I get good damage with javelin at 2,126,300,000 strength.
"...up to about 75 thousand damage... don't over do it...if you can get a 1-2 damage that really does like 100 thou to 200 thou get that, my zon has it, very nice... "
The best damage of java zon is 72-73k n using 156% life steal and having all item defense to 1 and having 510 DR.
stats first
Have life leech like around 1500-2000 they work well on zons. And use d2edit for stats hacking. Items to use r up to u. Well to me i use ultimate items. I also experiment stuff like prevent leech, kb, etc.
use guided arrow so u dont need attack rating... Defense i use dex of 1074000000 and my defense is above 1 bill.

Assasin Stats

The best attack rating for assassin (Dragon Claw) is 17mill......
and try to make charm w/ 100% attack rating.
And 1 target defense ring (2 of them equip for good Rating)
And to adjust talon kick to 690mill, the dex should b at 2122000000 and adjust ur attack rating...
There are two types of assassins: defense assasin uses High damage red 2000% or more, and High dex. This type of assassin level for level is almost impossible to kill...However they will leech you like crazy so your damage has to be spot o.n

Then there are damage assassins uses low damage reduce about 30 -60 % on armour and add in 10% increases on charms up to 127% damage red .
High dex assassin damage is ok at 690mill talon dont exceed 700mill aim for around 14 to 16 mill claw attack

Barbarian Stats

Damaga = 75,000 to 80,000 on stats
Strength = a value that adds up to weapon damage to give u the stat damage above
Dexterity = 2,147,100,000 or close
Health = 830,000
Mana = 500,000
Stamina, Vitality and Energy = 500
Leech = Total of 127%, split in three, 42% on two rings, and 43% on amulet.
Damage Reduce % = 1000%, or 255% on four charms.
Skills = level 20
Ignore Target Defense = 1%TD or a bit higher
Sheild = When not using Frenzy .. use a Sheild and Concentrate (anti-knockbak) or Zeal (fast multiple hits)
1. Strength - Well, that depends on how much damage your weapon does! Tweak your strength until you do about 80K damage. Do NOT exceed 84K..
2. Dex - I use 2147100000 Dex. You should have 550Mil Def when naked, no charms, anything. Ok, but your attack rating is screwed- I use uhh.. 1752% Bonus to attack rating. That's two 491 rings, one 330 amulet, and 200 on each weapon. Your atk rating should be around 13mil..
3. Damage Reduction - I use 510% damage reduction total, all on my armor.
4. Resists/Absorbs - I use 100% Absorb on all elements/magic, and since you can't absorb poison, use 127% poison resist with +31% to max poison resist, and reduce poison length by 100%.
5. Life Steal/Mana Steal: I use 127% TOTAL Life Stolen per hit. I also use the same amount for Mana Stolen per hit.
6. Life/Mana - I use 830K Life, and 830K Mana.
Lastly, DO NOT over hack your items. All my equip has like, 400 defense, and less than 5 modifiers on it.
I use Double Swing as my main attack when using dual maces, and I use Stun as my main attack when using Mace/Shield. (Damn Zon's.. make me pull out my shield) and Whirlwind is always my right skill. (I know, "Why not Frenzy?" or "Why not concentrate?" Because - Frenzy adds too much AR. and Concentrate adds too much defense, which makes my defense go lower.)
ok to kick-start this .. barbarian are awesome melee fighters .. they are a bit tuffer to hack .. but if u get it write u can be more than a match for most players. all u need is:

Paladin Stats
1074000000 or try 1074100000; make some +% to attack charms .. chose your one or two best skills and adjust to them

Necromancer Stats
str= 5000
dex= 2,147,100,000
vit= 50
eng= 50
life= 8.3 mil
mana= 830,000
also u should have around 1500-2500 DR%. Use multiple 255 dmg red% charms.


Nov 27, 2002
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i just max alll to 99999999999999999999999999999999 with my stat changer i made im a ruler lol i was beating fags with white the other day with my hands
Oct 25, 2002
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Edmonton, Alberta
hahahaha no0b if u max the stats too 99999999999999999999999999999999 and use any kinda wepon that does over -100000000000 damage u will get a negative ar and also - u know nothing noob...and if u have one wrong offset in any of the prefixes and suffixes u will glitch the shit out of the game...grow a ****in brain u lieing no0B

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