Futuristic RPG


((the year is 2382, and we kind of having a WW3))


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*Razael crept closer to a german post. He noticed 3 guards. Razael smiled, three regular meant an easy task. Razael slapped a new silencer on his pistol, it supposedly made no sound. Razael looked up, they hadn't notice him walk right up to the tower post. Razael started to climb the tower. One of the guards spotted him, but got shot between the eyes before he could say anything*

Razael: Thank god the silencer works.

*Razael jumped up onto the platform and took out the nearest guard with his blade by slicing him in four pieces. The other guard looked at him wide-eyed unable to move. Razael smiled to him*

Razael: Night, night... Bitch...

*Razael drew his gun and shot the guard 4 times in the head. Razael opened up his COM channel.*

OOC: <> is now COM talk

<Razael> Cleared one guard post. There is three more that I can see from here.


*Gleb contacts Razel*
Gelb: Razel respond how is the perimeter? Is Alumis finished with setting up the equipment. Over here its all fine, i am gonna pull back soon i descovered a freind of ours in here. We gonna attack tommorow morning right.


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*Alumis silently creeps over to the bushes Igor pointed at*

Alumis: (silently to himself) Now how did this hunk of junk go again... ah yes the black plug is connected to the red wire...

*Alumis quickly sets up the equipment and scans the area around him with the scope of his sniper rifle*

Alumis: Ok, the equipment's all set


(My char is named Gleb i just accidently called him Igor in several posts, but thats fine)
*Gleb uses his telepathy to contact Alumis*
Gleb: I hear you are all set, good, stay there, i am coming back.
Razel, Razel, there the hell are you? I need that report now. If you in trouble and need any help contact Alumis he is closer to you.


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*Razael opened his COM channel and let out a big sigh*

Razeal: Perimeter is clear. I sniped out a few guys with my pistol, so where shall we camp for tonight?


Igor: "same place there we landed, Alumis already set up a camp. We gonna start assault on the base tomorrow."


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This looked geeky, can i join?

Name: Patrick Swayze
Race: Jew
gender: Alphamale
Age: 18
Class: Higher than yours
weight: Average
height: Im just high, lets go with that.
weapons: A titanium, non-destructable stealth puma with an remote control and webcam that transfer radioactive waves through molecules in the air. It is controllable. They also plant seeds so whenever the enemy gets crippled kids n shit they can be controlled with the remote control as well on different programmable channels.
Personality: Rorscach
Abilities: Fuck you up any time, any day.

*Walks into the room in a tough-guy pose after he kicked the door open*
''Yo BITCHES! Lets get this stealth puma out so we can take advantage of some muh'fuckin' crippled kids and get an end to this muh'fuckin' war once and for all! Waddya say?!''