Fixing BF Part 2: The Current Ruleset


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I know a lot of you people weren't too thrilled with the ruleset I had annouced last week. But I can explain why it is like that:

You see, it has been a problem for a few years. We didn't exactly have a rulepost that the staff could fall back on, and to have some control over the members.

I had made that post long because I wanted to make sure there aren't any loopholes with things like coming back from bans (major problem), or people stating rebuttals that don't exactly make sense. Even some members of my staff criticized its length.

Also, bans have been extremely lax, as Ashigaru pointed out in a thread. Many of our members who still stay with us, and some members of the staff have been banned over and over, but have managed to come back (from "perma"bans, temp bans don't count).

Although we are not active enough to need one as of yet, it is going to be a part of the "rejuvenation" process when we actually do get back on our feet.

Anyways, we (the staff) mostly outlined some of the more "troublesome" things people do like trolling and flaming, and hopefully what staff should do about them. It is always open up to revision.

So if there is any thing that needs to be changed, then I would like to know - so we can do a Revision. But I will not be accepting opinions based on vendetta (basically, you have been the victim of this ruleset because of offenses you have actually commited), for they will basically just be bitching.