FIFA 08: Review


Staff member
EA Sports is constantly making slight tweaks to its FIFA franchise in the name of improvement. Bugs were fixed from the previous year's version, and it's a welcome change.

Although, it does have its downsides. The manager mode is mundane and quite easy. It's easy to select the right option to get the right rewards in the "interviews."

There is a learning curve, but once figured out, the gameplay is fairly simple. A nice addition that was not available in last year's game was "Trick Stick." For instance, you can perform a rainbow while running down the field, among other tricks. It adds new depth to the game, so you can fake out your opponents, or just brush by him.

Although the A.I. in this game is nowhere as near as aggressive as I'd like, it's a slight challenge to overcome. The goalie does tend to make stupid mistakes every now and then, such as constantly getting beat to the near post as opposed to the far post.

Despite the flaws, the improvement over the previous games warrants attention.

Dark Blade gives this game a B-.