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Aug 15, 2012
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Guide to Carrying



What is carrying?

Carrying is essentially a role given to one or two of the players in a team. It’s usually pre-determined whether or not it’s an in-house or tourney game. Pubs, obviously, aren’t luckily enough to be pre-arranged like that. Typically roles are unimportant in public games – usually everyone is trying to ‘carry.’ True carrying is basically focusing on farming and gearing up your damage and attack speed, usually in neglect of you HP and/or survivability. Usually carry heroes are agility attributed – though there are a few strength heroes that can carry quite effectively, even some intelligence heroes can.

Typically like other roles some heroes are more effective at carrying. It’s also ideal to gear you carry hero with a mini stun such as bash attributed to passive bash skills, Monkey King Bar, and Cranium Basher.

Who are the best carry heroes in the game?

It’s really subject to opinion and based upon what your team composure is like. For instance, a ranged carry hero or a blinker will obviously be best with Furion as opposed to a melee hero that wouldn’t be able to hit an Entreanted/Sprouted hero. It all boils down to the synergy of the team, however some heroes in particular that I’ve noticed have excellent team synergy and are outstanding carry heroes are Mercurial, Faceless Void, and Viper.

Mercurial simply has great chasing abilities, excellent ganking abilities, and survivability that can rival many strength heroes – dispersion is insane. Faceless Void has a mini blink that slows, an evasion that can block hits and spells which allows him to neglect survivability much easier than the others, and then permanent stun potential and his time freezing spell. Then finally you’ve got Viper. Orb walking is the most frustrating harassment I’ve ever encountered and Viper kills so quickly his survivability isn’t really that a problem especially with a teams help. Even so his defense passive gives him some extra magic resistance and slow whenever he’s hit.

How to play a carry hero?

Farm, farm, farm. To be an effective carrier in a serious game you need to be good at last hitting. Being denied gold and experience can ruin you very quickly. You also need to keep your eyes open at all times, watching the mini-map and being aware of hero placements. Dying is also bad. Ideally you want to mix in ganking with your team and farming. Late game carriers should solely focus on farming. When it comes to push time stay behind everyone else. You don’t want to be in the open when nukes and stuns start flying, because you’re the soul of your teams damage. Dying before your team even gets there could spell defeat.
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