Death of Steve Jobs


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While many members here are PC fans I'm sure, we can all agree a great innovator died yesterday. I am not a Mac computer fan based mostly on compatibility issues with important software and a few interface issues I find annoying, but the man's product design was exceptional.

It seems the internet is grieving like never before, even I had to make a post about it.

From here we will see if the man's vision lives on in Apple.


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Was pretty shows were interrupted, it was posted on headers on all major news sites. The world sure did notice.


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Post the apple products you own:

-iPhone 3g
-buying iPhone 4s when it's available
-27" iMac (one of many computers)
-iPad (1st gen)


I don't get why everyone acts like Steve was their best friend. He was an entrepreneurial genius turned marketing scumbag. He pioneered working harder to charge customers more while offering less. If Jeff Bezos dies I'll be upset.
Nonetheless I don't think he deserved to die of such a terrible cancer.


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I respect him mostly due to the iPhones iOS before androids came out. It was a huge innovation, very intuitive interface. Anymore I think it is outdated but I don't find android offering anything overly superb in comparison.