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I started this D2 Strategy Team for BF so that I could encourage more people to submit guides (teehee >>; ) and so that we could form together a team of Strategy Experts on BF to help out those in need. Once we get a mod for this forum, I'll have them (or do it myself if I'm mod) order together the guides and sticky them, among other very helpful things. I'll be asking for guides and tips/dueling strats/etc from each of the members along with submitting my own. This should hopefully help out this cluttered up noobfest of a forum. :)

  • VizjereiMage - Leader
  • COTA-GoD
  • N_
  • SweatyOgre
  • Kao
  • Sword Tip
  • Soujiro
  • newbie4lyfe
  • djnat
Member Information:

Strongest Area(s) Of Strategies: Stats, Skills, Dueling
Link To Strat: Here (Needs updated majorly)
Main Realm: USEast
AIM Name: Black Orchid III
Strongest Area(s) Of Strategies: stats, skills
Link To Strat: Zealdin AND Hammerdin
Main Realm: USwest
AIM Name: AbyssN36
MSN: ahw_3635_mike@hotmail.com
Strongest Areas: All
Link to Strat: My NEW elemental druid guide
Main Realm: USEast
AIM Name: Sweaty Ogre
Strongest Area(s) Of Strategies: Dueling / PvM
Link To Strat: No Main Strat, just specific knowledge in certain areas.
Main Realm: USWest
AIM Name: rKamfar021
MSN NAme: R_Kamfar_021@Hotmail.Com
Sword Tip:
MY strongest area(s) of strategies: Stats and skillz
Link to my guide: Here, my blizzard PvM sorc. .
Main realm: Useast
My AIM name: Swordtip3
Strongest Area(s) Of Strategies: Skills, Dueling
Link To Strat: http://www.battleforums.com/showthread.php?threadid=71229
Main Realm: USEast
AIM Name: animem0nkey
Areas covered: Stats, Skills, PVP, Gears, Strats
Link: http://www.battleforums.com/showthread.php?threadid=71299
Realm: USEast HCL
Aim: Don't have but have msn, newbie4lyfe@hotmail.com
Strongest Area(s) Of Strategies: PvM, Stats, Skills, general knowledge about the game.
Link To Strat:Nat's Bowazon or Nat's Barbarian... there were also other, but they got lost for some forum problems I guess...
Main Realm: Europe
AIM Name: None yet
MSN account: desert_illusion@hotmail.com
Strongest Area(s) Of Strategies: Stats, Skills, Dueling, Gear
Link To Strat: Melee Asn Guide and Hammerdin Guide
Main Realm: USEast
MSN Name: leeforget@gmail.com


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Took t.a.t.u87 and digga87 out due to inactivity and added COTA-GoD in place of them.
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