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Sep 26, 2002
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Vancouver, B.C.
In the upcoming month or so im trying to make my clan reconizable....or however you speel that word...well n e ways im trying to make it so ppl know who we are...i wanna get from the question of " whats with all these GsVi's? " to " OoOooooo GsVi Clan " Well the services im trying to say is just plain and simple

Free Rushes [Price] FREE
Free Xfers [Price] FREE at your own me the most i aint gonna scam your items....or jack em...
Free Help [Price] FREE

and any other services that doesn't cause me agony and pain and i cry in my head about are free....i just want to get the clan known...and mayb some new clan members...we've got about 4-5 members...mostly 4 thats active....and im basically recruiting my friends that play d2x

Our clan channel is CLAN GSVI This is on USWEST! remember our clan is based on the WEST coast and duh well USWEST Sorry for the inconvienence of the USEASTzors

Just trying to get recognition and im helper friendly...most of my chars are based on helping....considering im a leader i TRY to help my clan members out as best as i can so if your interested stop by the channel leave a msg or leave a msg on the forums for me

my accounts are V3rtricleXiR, GsVi-RiX, GsVi-Xplosive
all on USWEST ill try to do my best to help you guys out if you need any O YA THIS IS FOR LOD! so i think its about TIME IF YOU DONT HAVE GET LOD