Been forever since i last came here

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...but I do want some opinions on some of the photos i have done lately after having a *HMFnonlegalHMF* version of PS7 (CS4 SUCKS!)

MAYBE ill come back more often

(HI older members!)

I DID follow FLashFlore's fire lines tutorial a little while back but im not FULLY impressed with it. Im going to redo it and upload later.

The 2nd picture is of the my girlfriend, 1st one I did yesterday, the 3rd was after a recent Call of Duty fetish and the 4th is a .gif I made for a website we had to do in a college class.


Trendy shit like that went out of style two years ago.

Just sayin.

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So if I may ask, what IS in style?


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As long as it looks good to you.. that's all that matters.

Because really, do you really need opinions from other people who may never even get a chance to see your work unless you post them in BF like this thread?
(jus my 2 cents)

Btw, nice work with the eye and the girl, looks interesting ;)


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The first one is ok. Are you still in high school? Because your girlfriend looks 15.

And PS7? What the fuck?

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The eye and the girl was nothing but messing with layers and blend modes, with the bubble-like thing SOME brushes but mainly using selections and filters. I don't use brushes all that much.

the dark one was just experimenting with some brush i got. I ended up looking like a cave to me and I wanted to do something with a gasmask and thats what I ended up with. I think the text is corny though but it felt incomplete. it needed SOMETHING.

My gf and I are 19.

And the last was pretty much the first thing I've ever done, with it being a class that lightly taught photoshop. Its compressed too much for some reason,w hich is why it jumps.

Plus, I dunno. I've always like to hear what people say about my stuff and I know on BF i'm SURE to get criticism, honest or not.

CS4 sucks. PS7 or CS3 is the only thing I can use

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I chose a grey photo of Anders Friden of In Flames but it was a fairly small photo and for some reason when I stroked the path I went on ahead and applied the blending options BEFORE I erased the lines that were hidden behind the figure so my final result looks a bit choppy.

I loved it when you first posted it. I'm mainly just following tutorials right now and trying random stuff out and trying to get used to things so I can do things by myself.

At my college we have CS4 now and what bugs me is that you can't have 2 different projects up at once in small windows- like is CS3 and below you can have a picture in its own file and drag that picture on top of another picture in a separate file window and the 1st image is brought over as a new layer. You have stupid tabs now in CS4. I dont like it.
The third picture (call of duty thing) looks so dark. Maybe it's just this shitty computer at this college i'm staying at in France but i honestly can't see a thing.

The fourth, it's a cool idea but i can see squares when the gif animates. Could be this shitty computer though.

Anyways, hello to you too!

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The animation works fine in Photoshop and on the actual website it was made for.
it was a class project (everyone was to design a personal webpage all their own)

We used a the community-college hosted server and we used Dreamweaver to work the HTML for us and I think we used some Imageready, but mainly Photoshop CS3. You can read in the tab where I didn't name all my files correctly :p

Everything you see was made from scratch in photoshop using various brushes. That was my first attempt at making something. Im still impressed with it now but I know I can do so much better. This was done almost 18 months ago.

I spent most of my time doing the visual stuff. I can't get back into the place where I can update everything so its kinda stuck like it is. I got a 100 on it.


The first two were very nicely made (especially the eye). The last two are alright, but not perfect I guess.


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I loved it when you first posted it. I'm mainly just following tutorials right now and trying random stuff out and trying to get used to things so I can do things by myself.