The first few times I played on it worked fine. Now it downloaded some patch(1.02b) and I can't go on now!! :( When I install the patch it says permission denied and can't install patch! Is their a file I can delete so it would disable this or something I have to download!( I think you have to delete the updater file, but I am not sure of that and I tried it already!) By the way I installed the offical cd, not cracked one,(although i do have it) but since I am returning it to my friends, I downloaded the cd crack, where you can play without the cd. Please respond ASAP!
Oct 7, 2002
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First of all, this post shouldn't even be here. You are talking about pirating WarCraft 3, which I assume is against the terms of service, here on these forums. Secondly, if you're still using a valid version of the game (legal version), the patch should work fine soon. If you were playing when the introduced the 1.02 patch, a lot of people also had trouble getting onto bnet when it was released.

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