Banned for d2loader?


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i use d2loader w/o plugins to run two d2 windows. it was working fine until i restarted my comp and restart d2. both d2's got the cdkey disabled msg, so just wondering did anyone else get banned for using d2loader (jan 22, 2009)?


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Yep, I just got nailed yesterday. The kicker is this: I wasn't even using it to open multiple windows of D2, I was just using it because my disk got scratched and it wasn't working properly. I think it's a bunch of crap that blizzard would ban a CD Key without any kind of warning. Would that have hurt anything? Not only did they ban my CD Key, they closed my account which had a lvl 95 Zon geared with the following:

Perfect Griffons with 5/5 die light facet
Perfect Stormshield with 5/5 die light facet
Perfect eth uped titans
Perfect t-gods
Perfect eth treks
Perfect Raven Frost
Perfect Archon Plate CoH
Perfect Zon Torch
Perfect Anni
6x java skill GC's
Perfect Maras
+2 java skills 20IAS rare gloves


Perfect eth sacred armor Fortitude (~4000 defense)
Perfect eth vamp gaze
Perfect eth Cryptic Axe Infinity

It makes me sick to my stomach that I would put that much time and dedication to play their stupid game and then they go and close my account and ban my cd key for ONE minor offense.

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That sucks. :(
You should write a letter.


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I sent the following email a few hours ago:

Dear Blizzard,

I have been a long time player of Diablo II and Diablo I. I find it appalling that you would close my account and ban my CD Key with no prior warning for using d2loader to play without a CD. I do this because my DVD Player is defective and makes the game lag considerably. I do not cheat, I do not use map hack, I do not attempt to dupe runes/items, I do not bot, I do not harass other players.

I hope you will consider reversing your decision to ban my account, because I have spent a considerable amount of time playing your games over the past decade. This also includes Startcraft, Warcraft, and many others. I also intend to purchase Starcraft II and Diablo III when they come out.

I can assure you I have learned my lesson and will not be attempting to play without a CD anymore. I can also assure you I would have reversed my decision to use d2loader if a warning had been issued.

Please let me know what you decide.

My account name was <REMOVED> on US East Ladder LOD. I have since purchased a new copy of the game and re-installed and created a new account, but I would really like to be able to at least retrieve the gear off of my Amazon (also named <REMOVED> on the <REMOVED> account.)

If you decide not to re-active my CD Key can you at least restore my account name? Like I said, I will not make the same mistake twice.


PS. I am glad to see an effort to ban players who abuse the game with 3rd party applications, and I hope you can see that I was not attempting to alter game play in any way. I was simply compensating for defective computer parts.
I have not gotten a response yet
Yeah, banning people for going against the TOS sure is raging gay.

You broke the TOS and the rules. You got banned. Deal with it. I had one of my oldass accounts back before you probably even knew of the game (1.05) that was stacked with more rares and godly items than you could imagine get banned because I used a chat host once.

But, that was back when D2 was hard and challenging, and a good game.


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You broke the TOS and the rules. You got banned. Deal with it.
I am "dealing" with it. I already purchased a new copy of the game; "paid for my sins" so to speak. Now I am just asking Blizzard to see that this was an unfortunate circumstance where I wasn't doing anything horrible to their precious rules. Yes, I am aware of the fact that they probably won't respond, and if they do they will tell me "too bad," but I certainly don't think it hurt my chances of getting my stuff back by typing a 3 minute email.

back before you probably even knew of the game (1.05)
Incorrect. I bought Diablo II the day it came out.
I'm speaking to you as if I were Blizzard themselves. They won't give a goddamn about your little account being locked because you were cheating. I'm just telling you now, so you don't wait for 2 months for a letter saying "oh, we're sorry here's your account back" from Blizzard that will never come.


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Yes, I'm sure you're right. I've already created a new account and started a new character. I'm not really waiting around for it because I know it probably won't happen, but it would be a nice surprise if it did, right? Who knows, maybe I'll get a Blizz tech on the best day of his life and he will be in such a fantastic mood he will decide to re-activate my account and send me a $200.00 check and a pre-release of Diablo 3 as an apology.
Yeah Bliz went out man-hunting for people cheating on You're one of thousands, who got the boot. sucks.