Are you bored? Then please help out sorting stuff.


Let's fix it.

We have many threads here that need sorting. Anyone who helps will be rewarded with credits once the shop system is up and running. Just post what needs to be added into this thread.

If you help, please do it like this:
- Game (diablo, starcraft, warcraft or other)
- Content (guide, patch, mod, replay, etc.)
- Link to thread or site where you found it.

Anyway: thanks in advance if you help.
It would really be appriciated by the staff.

- Aurora


Let's fix it.
Just look around in the rousource centre boards. Post a link here when you find anything usefull. I will then add it to the list. You can find examples in the guides area already. Did a couple of Starcraft guides there already.

I have to type every link by hand, since my internet goes through my phone. That makes it extremely difficult to add lots of stuff in a small period of time. We will eventually have a better set-up, but first we need this sorted.


Let's fix it.
Besides from sorting threads, we need this:

  • all patches for: the whole warcraft franshise
  • all official map packs and popular other maps or gametypes -such as dota- for warcraft 3
  • all patches for starcraft
  • all official map packs and popular maps -such as fastest or money maps- for starcraf
  • all patches for the diablo games
  • all popular mods and such for the diablo games
  • any other cool stuff you can think of, just focuss on our main games first, if you want to help :D