Anyone on forums for sc?


I was in a game and some dude was using a nuke hack... yea i got like 7 losses because of that ****ing thing... so i was wondering i got the replay and if anyone was active or has an account on the forums for sc because this guy ive seen 3 times b4 just with diffrent names but wen i look at it closely he changes some letters around and i want him banned so to make an account on the forums you need to hav your cd key which i lost my case and dont know wut it is so if anyone can submit the replay to a GM tell me and i will e-mail u the replay. TY Still pwned him 2 otu of 3 times BTW/FTW


If you're playing Starcraft online, don't you require a working CD key?

In any case, just ignore any hackers you come across... from what I hear, patch 1.15 now gives hackers a loss after the game..