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Firefox = No.
Resolution = 2048x1536


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[glow=black]I'm so pleased with myself for finding the exact points of my house. Took me a long time.[/glow]


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Unless someone BAILS out on you at the last ****ing minunte... *cough*
How about if that someone never even made any concrete plans? You can't really call that bailing, now can you?


Just added myself, I own.


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SouLeSS said:

Uh, yeah...what the hell?
Unfortunately it's *really* hard for me to troubleshoot that when I get this on the same resolution...

I do remember the system saying if things were not loading properly for you, to close all browsers, completely clear your browsing history, and try reloading the page that way (or hit ctrl+f5). Other than that, I honestly don't know what to tell you, loads fine for me on the same resolution as you using FireFox and IE. :-/

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Cool, exact locations. Time to start thinning the masses.

I hope someone gets killed/raped/robbed because of this. Maybe even all three.


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You live pretty close to me too. Wanna get killed, raped, or robbed?


coRtALoS said:
Did someone edit your name to insert it? Because it seemed to work when I renamed my test account to just 'cort' and tried putting in a location. Or did you get it to work? Or are you making a witty joke?

If last one, please refer to avatar.
I meant the marker text, then.:fwink


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I see so many people close to me.

'Coon is in Kitchener, Pan is in Etobicoke...dude. That's like, 2-ish hours.


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i couldnt find my exact location so i did it near a street name that was familiar to me. pausebreak near meh!


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This was a pointless addition it serves no pupose =/