ZDS3 Bot Help



Zds Bot Help

I cant get my bot to connected, i have a good cd key and everything. I keep getting this message:

Info: ******* is not connected. Connecting to Uswest.battle.net.
Info: ******* has connected.
Error: [0x51ff] CDKeys and Client Revisions
It appears we have the wrong version.
Info: ******* has closed connection.

Heres my config file:

vars {
set bot_master **********
set bot_trigger !

set war2_exe Binaries/war2/Warcraft II BNE.exe
set war2_snp Binaries/war2/battle.snp
set war2_dll Binaries/war2/storm.dll

set star_exe Binaries/star/starcraft.exe
set star_snp Binaries/star/battle.snp
set star_dll Binaries/star/storm.dll

set jstr_exe Binaries/jstr/StarCraftJ.exe
set jstr_snp Binaries/jstr/battle.snp
set jstr_dll Binaries/jstr/storm.dll

set d2dv_exe Binaries/d2dv/Game.exe
set d2dv_d2c Binaries/d2dv/d2client.dll
set d2dv_bnc Binaries/d2dv/bnclient.dll

bot *******
passwd *********
server uswest.battle.net

display 1

#socks4_port 1080
#socks4_userid anonymous

client star
commandset Default
cdkey *************

#You must have spawn set to no to join a private channel
spawn no
homechannel **** **
register zDSBot3

#This doesn't work anymore, ignore it...
lag_spoof 0

command Default {
Database Default.db
# tagbans tagbans.txt
# cmd smile /me gives %0 a big smile! >;-)
# key crappy /me kicks %0 - don't say crappy!

Any help would be nice.