Yet another StarCraft 2 rumour

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This one courtesy of IGN.

Rumor: StarCraft 2 Beta By Year's End?
A Korean site claims to have the scoop on a new race and the future of the original StarCraft.
by Daemon Hatfield

US, April 11, 2007 - Put on your skeptical goggles because rumors are swirling that StarCraft 2 is finally a reality. The Team Liquid forums have translated an article from Korean site Fighter Forum that says StarCraft 2 is on the way and a beta will be released at the end of 2007.

According to Fighter Forum, StarCraft 2 continues the story of the original and adds a new race based on Kerrigan, making a total of four races. While that wouldn't be totally off the mark, we figured the new race would be more the super-race mix between Zerg and Protoss rather than Zerg and Terran or at least the mystically advanced Xel'Naga. The three older tribes will each be receiving around two additional units.

The report also claims that Blizzard plans to shut down its original StarCraft servers in order to ensure the success of the sequel.

As popular as StarCraft was on these shores, it doesn't come close to the enthusiasm the game still enjoys in Asia, where televised, professional matches are held regularly. Blizzard has an event coming up in Korea where they are expected to make a large announcement, so it could very well be that the company has chosen the area where StarCraft is the most popular to announce its sequel.

As of this writing, Blizzard could not be reached for comment.​

Source: Rumor: StarCraft 2 Beta By Year's End?, IGN, Aprill 11, 2007

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