Warcraft Wyverns and Bats Strategy


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Aug 15, 2012
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This tactic is for professional players. They use this tactic because it requires micro beyond imagination. Although Wyverns are powerful creatures they don’t match Gryphons or any other air units.

This tactic consists of the creation of mass Orc air units. The Orcs are most of the times a ground race, they have the best melee among all, but the air units they have should not be ignored as well. Although they were not meant to resist frontal attacks, they can be massed very easily and upgraded as well. It basically consists of 2 or 3 Bestiaries.

The Orcs are a ground race; therefore your enemies won’t ever expect you to make mass air. You can even make a few grunts at start to miss guide them, and then you strike with all you got. The Wyverns can be accessed in tier 2, so it makes them fast to reach and build. If your enemy makes anti-air units, such as Archers, Riflemen or Dryads, per example, there won’t be any real problem – your Wyvern’s armor takes reduced damage from their attacks, so you have nothing to fear from them. However, if they make melee anti-air units you can always make Bats, and order them to suicide. Once you have nothing to counter you, the game will be easy. You can always use aura’s and Bloodlust, to greatly increase your army’s performance. In other hands, remember that upgrades are very important – the Wyverns benefit greatly from them.

Your Wyverns are very weak versus Gargoyles or any other air units with melee damage. If you run out of Bats, they will damage greatly your ranks. Also, making only air units will leave you no melee to absorb damage, and therefore no melee to defend your ground heroes – although you can always destroy quickly any real thread to your hero, if your hero has low hp, then it will be a bad choice to leave him near any melee units. Bats may be excellent air units, but to have such an army, it means you need to have lots of them to protect you, and they are expensive when it comes to creation. A Bat takes way less time to die then to train – this can cause deficiencies in your ranks.

Having aura’s and casters, plus upgrades is a great idea, however, if your enemy as anti-caster units, or casters you won’t be prepared to counter them. This is not a major problem, your Wyverns can easily kill them, but it will make a difference if they are supporting rival air units, such as Gryphons, Copters, Gargoyles or any other air units that may attack you such as Archer or even Spiders.

You should also have in mind that Wyverns work better when massed with some buff. The few and good methodology wont be such a great choice here, as the Wyverns are very weak alone.

This one was a quick tactic. Most pros use it to finish the enemy before he can produce any tier 3 air units, you are warned – this tactic is difficult to manage.