Warcraft WoW Developing your Life Skills?


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Aug 15, 2012
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World of Warcraft is the game of the century it seems. Millions of players from around the world play every day for hours. When you think about it, there must be something keeping them attached. The key to WoW is not only its practically endless game play and objectives, but it's also a breeding ground for developing managing skills.

When you play WoW you can only carry a certain amount of items and gadgets- let alone abilities. With this factor users must determine which are more important to them and why, because once you give one up, it may prove hard to get back. You can also trade items with neighbors and get a step ahead of the rest.

The game is not merely a game. It's an entirely new world of interaction and mind developing techniques. Manipulation even plays a key factor in a World of Warcraft adventure. Trick someone into giving up their items, or injuring an opponent so you can quickly kill-steal them. Yes, this may seem a bit on the evil side, but hey, it's business.

Now try to think of something you take for granted. Thought of it yet? That's right, the map itself! A WoW map contains some of the most beautiful and interesting terrain and landscape in a computer game ever. Almost real enough to reach your hand out and touch, these environments will have your jaw dropped in moments. Why is this good? Because it broadens an individual’s aspect of life and with surprises coming from every corner of the map, reaction skills and scenario-enhancing skills develop.

So parents, when thinking your son or daughter shouldn't play a video game because it's a video game, take a deeper look into their world. It's a world of endless possibilities, endless skills and experiences. It’s a world of learning and fun. Meeting new people and places. It's not just a world of gaming. It's a World of Warcraft.