What MMO are you guys playing now?


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Hey guys!

With Guild Wars 2 coming out soon, I've been bitten pretty hard by the MMORPG bug again. I haven't played an MMO seriously in a few years because I haven't found one that captures my attention enough to make me want to play for hours on end.

I've played a lot of MMOs in the past, from Ragnarok Online to FFXI and, of course, WoW for a little while.

Anyway! Are you guys playing any MMOs right now? It seems like there are so many out there. I'd love to get into one again and I think Guild Wars 2 might just manage to capture my interest.


I'm scared to touch a MMO it sucks up life pretty quick. Played final fantasy 11 before and loved it but played too much, day and night, all summer. I kinda want to get FF14 but I don't have time anymore . Last game that got me that hooked was skyrim so I most likely try out their new MMO.


I'm in the same position as you Grimnir, sort of wanting to get back into a captivating MMO again and I agree Guild Wars 2 should be just that. From what I've seen so far I don't think it's a game I'd want to miss out on. I would've pre-ordered but my birthday is mid September, a few weeks after release and my mum wants to get it for me. My only wish is that it had come out during the summer, that way I could've done my initial 'play day and night for like 3 days' then the craze would've died down a little for going back to school, thoughts on the release date? Right when everyone goes back to school seems kinda suckish to me. :(


Most recent I played was Vindictus. Good MMOs are just too few and far between, unfortunately.


I've been playing Guild Wars 1 and DC universe online. And yes, I'm playing Guild Wars 1 to curb the wait for GW2.