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If this is your first visit to BattleForums, welcome to The Archives! This forum is merely a place where old threads that used to exist in other forums are now placed. The BattleForums Staff will be moving threads out of this forum over time into their respective forums.

However, we suggest you register as a BattleForums member to get the best out of this site. Simply enter a unique username, password, fill up some simple details and you are almost done!

If you have any queries, feel free to send a Private Message to one of the Administrators on this list or visit the FAQs page or a quick summary at this thread. You may also like to ask a question in the Introductions and Forum Support forum.

If you wish for a thread to be moved so you can add a post to it, then feel free to send a Personal Message to me, Wing Zero or to any one of the other Senior Moderators, Staff Members or Administrators. Make sure you add the link to the thread.

Lastly, enjoy browsing! We hope you will contribute to the forums in the future.

~Gimmi > x42bn6*

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