WC2 maps for WC3

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Nov 30, 2003
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OK-to a bit of a disapoinment i had a lot of maps from wc2 re-created on my wc3 game but my game got uninstalled when our comp got fixed. when i get a comp in my room i will be allowed ot re=install wc3 on my comp and i will again recreate the missions for wc fans pleasure. some of the weirder things i had to do to make the maps or things i had to alter:

i had to create whole new "race" tech tree

for orc campaign where u have to blow up rocks surrounded by demns to killl this ogre and deathknight-i had to place a trigger all around the rocks so that when ever a dwarven demo squad (a mortar team with the kaboom ability) activate around rocks, the rocks would change into a deing granite golem and the rocks would fall aprt and decentigrate and allow passage to the ogre and deathknight.

the red demons were made as gargoyles

orcs stats were ironically lowered (again)

custom mages were pain in ass to make-attack animation looked like chainlightning single strike attack and took 1 mana-spells were polymorph, firebolt lightning sheild and a powere dup blizzard and invisibility

deathknights were given animate dead a altered siphon mana that stole hp instead of mp deathcoil death and decay (lowered to 2 % instead of 4)

hard to make set for knights to upgrade into paladins who had holylight lv2. paladins were given knight skins

archers were female archers and making them into rangers were also hard but they were a bit too strong

hard to make dragons buildble buy a custom orc building

troll headhunter and berserkers were renamed but were also given diff stats then archers

ogre magis were given bloodlust and a lv1 serpant ward

to shorten the rest out-i had to alter buildings to recreate the units from wc2-ONLY the units from wc2 were on the maps. a added extra was that the heros u used in the game could level up but could NOT be revived and creeps were part of the missions

when i re-recreate the maps u will find them at this maps and mods sight accesible at blizz homepage. yes there are downloadable campaigns like this but i spent like months on 1 mission, so mine will be a bit different.


Jul 19, 2003
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I believe a while ago he was working on converting WC2 to WC3. I never liked WC2, so it really doesn't affect me.