Warhammer Online forum?

Warhammer online?

  • Yes, a forum is fine

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  • no, its a waste of time(get it? it rhymes kinda!)

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Jim Morrison

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if you guys actually do work it could be an active section.

OH WAIT we tried that with sc2 and d3


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You can only have one pet out. I only played the Ironbreaker, Sorceress, and Shaman. I played a few others but those three I had the most fun with. Herders were really easy to kill, though.


oh. i'm probably going order first time through to play a dwarf but will probably end up trying all the classes before i pick one and stick with it.
Knowing Mythic, the game's just gonna have 30 classes but in reality they're all using the same core group of spells, and the higher level spells are just going to be dual spells.

It kinda looked intriguing, until I realized how much I actually hate MMOs.


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20 classes and the few are sort-of clones. Then again even after clones that's still more than 10 classes which is a lot. I got a spell each rank (sometimes two plus morale abilities) on the classes I played and there wasn't an occasion that I wasn't just most if not all of my spells. You don't have to keep buying the same spell each level or few levels either they level up with you and every level theres always a new spell, tactic, or morale ability available. I like the way it's shaping up and the RvR was a lot of fun.

If we were to have a new game section I'd choose this over any other PC game that I can think of that we don't already have.
It's got potential, I'll give it that.

Then again, so did DAoC, and they ruined that once they started putting expansions in it and forcing you to spend months of /played to grind levels on gear just so you can stand a change.

Hopefully Mythic learned from that game how to not do endgame content.

Jim Morrison

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it's already the second most played mmo

id say it's popular.

it's just we fucked up, like always.

theres already established sites for the game, nobodies gonna come here and see a warhammer section with jenny and mike posting and register.

Kuro Neko

I guess I must be seeing it at a different view, it's true other game forums like d3 and sc2 didn't really make a big impression, so I'm basing my assumptions off of that. I didn't even know it was second most, so you learn something everyday. :)
I doubt it's the second highest played, but who knows. It did just come out.
Well no one talks about AoC anymore, and everyone loves to PvP (except little old me) so it stands to reason it'd be second.
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