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#Update WC3L Coverage

This Post will cover:
Results and Predictions for WC3L Playday Five
Pro Gamers Leauge Invitational

Results and Predictions for WC3L Playday Five

Verge vs. Clan Go Sat 5:30PM

verGe.SonKie vs. Go)Showbu 2:1
verGe.ShrieK vs. Go)Ohjie 1:2
verGe.Glaive vs. Go)Shy 0:2
verGe.Rainman vs. Go)FoCuS 2:1
verGe.DreaMLanD & verGe.Glaive vs. Go)FoCuS & Go)Shy 0:2

Total: 2:3

mTw vs. SK Sun 4:00PM

mTw.DaviN vs. SK.Zacard 0:0
wildcarded by SK
mTw.LasH vs. SK.HoT 0:2
mTw.Protois vs. SK.Deadman 0:2
mTw.hanf vs. SK.Insomnia 1:2
mTw.DaviN & mTw.hanf vs. SK.HoT & SK.Deadman 2:1

Total 1:3

Zacard should make short work of Davin, but he is currently im China with a terrible connection so Davin might have an upset and bring the score to 2:3 .

SK.Germany vs. hoorai, Tuesday 8:00PM
SK.XlorD vs. hoorai.PaTo 2:1
SK.ReaL vs. hoorai.nilk 0:0
SK.miou vs. hoorai.Qazzi 2:0
SK.Fisch vs. hoorai.Levin 2:1
SK.Fisch & SK.miou vs. hoorai.PaTo & hoorai.Qazzi 2:1

Total 4:0

Mousesports.GeIL.wc3 vs. ONE-Gaming, Tuesday 3:00PM

mouz.Gia-ACT vs. ONE.GoStop 0:2
mouz.SaSe vs. ONE.Farseer 0:0
postponed by mouz
mouz.TitaN vs. ONE.Bifrost 0:0
postponed by ONE
mouz.PhilBoT vs. ONE.SouthSea 2:0
mouz.Spell & mouz.HasuObs vs. ONE.Farseer & ONE.Rainbow 1:2

Total 1:2

fnatic Team vs. World Elite IGE, Wednesday 3PM
I feel the only dispute is in how much WE is going to win by. I predict an easy 4:1 fnatic is still a middle of the road team and WE is a top contender for playoffs.

PGL Invitational Starts Tuesday in China

Pro Gamers Leauge is an invitational tournament in China with some of the worlds best players competing. The Players include:


The first round will be played tuesday Sep. 5th and I can't even begin to explain the tournament structure, you can check it our yourself at The PGL Website

The first round of match ups is:

WE.IGE.Check vs SK.BeT.Zacard
4K^ToD vs WE.IGE.Sky
SK.BeT.Sweet vs 4K^FoV
WE.IGE.suhO vs Hacker_Fly100%
mouz.SaSe vs wNv.xiaOt

I predict
Check Defeating Zacard I don't know how well Zacard is playing and ne has the racial advantage over orc
Sky Beating ToD I think ToD is the beter player but Sky seems to win this match everytime it is played
Sweet over FoV no real reason, I like Sweet more
Fly100% over suhO Hacker_Fly has been owning it up I think he stands a chance of winning the tournament
SaSe over xiaot I am not too familar with xiaOt and I think if SaSe plays as well as he normaly does he has this match

The tournament is far too long to be able to acuratly pick a winner at this point but if I had to guess I would take
1st. Sweet
2nd. ToD
3rd. Hacker_Fly100%


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