War Of The Titans


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Ok this rp starts in medieval times. You just got to do so missions and stuff and when you pas the missions you get more missions to do. any race is allowed. Your character isn’t aloud to be Uber powerful. No god moding, and all those other rules. and use wepons realistic to the time. normal guns are ok but no rocket launchers or any hi tech wepons. any kind of magic is ok.

story: there is a war between the two major countries in the world Laintos, and Dellera. this war is know as the war of the Titans. You are the special forces for Laintos. You basically go on missions that help Laintos with the war and stuff. There are also other countries in the world besides those two, they just aint as big.

Mission 1:

Object 1: wait for everyone to meet up at the main base (couldn’t come up with any cool names.) your next object will begin after 2 weeks have passed (July 12) or once we have 6 people in the game.

Object 2: wait for everyone’s intros, if they are not made by July 20th they are out of the rp.

Object 3: go to fort Galahad (no idea were I got that name from) this should be a 1 day trip from the main base. (witch means we wont make it there till a full 24 hours after everyone is introed/taken from the rp). When at the fort you will get more information on your mission. (you can also get weapons repaired/buy items and stuff at the fort)

Ok I will be using Teeg for this rp.

Name: Teeg
Race: human
Age: 24
Class: bounty hunter
Appearance: blue hair, black T-shirt with a skull on it, blue jeans, and brown shoes
weapons: all he has is 2 pistols that he keeps in his pockets.
Story: usually forgiving and kind but spears no mercy towards someone with a bounty on their heads. He never is afraid of anything he is more then willing to stair death in the face if it means getting a bounty.

ok now lets get thsi started


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How is it that in Medieval Times they had guns? Anyway why not...

Name: Hitsua
Race: Human
Age: 17
Class: Asassian
Apperance: 6 foot 5, shorts and a black shirt
Weapons: .22, m16, tazzer and silenced revolver
Story: Originally from New York, he was hired at the age of 15 to work for an underground network of Hitmen.


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basic guns are there no rifles. like pistoles and stuff. (i did that realizing my guy uses pistoles :p) so anyway you need difrent wepons i consider a rifle hi tech.

lol his name is hitsua :p


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i dont knwo what that is... decied for yourself... it has to be a "basic gun" like very basic ntohign specail. just ordinary hand guns and stuff.

oh and btw the rp hasnt started yet so you dotn need to be like

hitsua: bla bla bla


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((basically it needs to be a one shot gun, or a six shot revolver...I doubt he wants silenced guns...that would probably be hi-tek))


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exsactly what fish said. ok now enuf about the guns we donmt want to spam thsi thread up now do we? got anymore questions involving what kinds of guns your alowed to use my aim is thepyrojunky


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((Oh Lets try a siege specialist this time, just cause i'm in a Trebuchet kind of mood. Trebuchets are no doubt the awesome bajebus sauce!))

Name: Trebuchet
Race: Storm Giant Wereboar Lord
Class: Siege Specialist

Collapsable Trebuchet
Colossal Greataxe

Epic Strength: Trebuchet is strong. Simple as that. His maximum carrying weight tops out around two tons. With that comes the ability to hit stuff, hard.
Siege Operation: Trebuchet can operate any siege engine by himself due to his tremendous strength and training.
Elemental Sieging: Trebuchet can magically enchant the stuff the siege engines are launching with elemental energies.
Human Form (Appears as human with slightly advanced physical abilities)
Hybrid Form (half Storm Giant half Dire Boar)
Dire Lord Boar Form (Bigass Boar)
(the forms are self explainatory, he can change shape and stuff)
Control Shape: Trebuchet can attempt to control his forms, though it doesn't always work.

Trebuchet is huge, absolutely huge. He is around 20 feet tall with short fur covering most of his body with enlarged teeth. He wears a royal blue toga with large sandals, the norm for his race.
In his Hybrid form he appears slightly hunched over with the fur more pronounced and the tusks of a boar.
In his boar form he looks like a Dire Boar, what more is there to say? In this form he wears no clothes.

Trebuchet trained under the master siege experts of his clan until a Frost Giant Wereboar ran rampant through his clan's camp and bit him. Days later he was found to have contracted the curse of Lycanthropy, and without any shaman, druids, or clerics to rid him of the curse, he was banished. Now he walks the land searching for mercenary work, a walking siege engine in himself for hire.

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i am a new guy around here but this is exactly wat i was looking for

name: joseph bullock
title The Rose Warrior
race: human
class: battle-mage

more to come...

(i am a mysteriuos warrior in red armor)


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Bud, I reallllly doubt you're gonna get anywhere with this. The last post was in 2004.