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Part I

Please PM me with strategies and I will add them to the sticky if they have good information.

[EUG] FBI Agent DJ37's CS Tips and Tactics

1. Kevlar and armor are a MUST. If I don't have enough money, I buy armor and a pistol - hopefully you last long enough to pick up a dead person's gun, but ALWAYS have some sort of armor.

2. Being quiet can be frustrating, especially now that they made you walk EVEN slower, but it is worth it. There are times when it isn't necessary, but other times it is crucial. Don't walk away from spawn, that'll only slow you down. When you get close to hostiles/their territory, it's time to shut up.

3. I am stuck in the habit of always aiming for the body, but after watching numerous videos of people that are, oh, say 150 MILLION TIMES BETTER THAN ME, I have decided that headshots are the best way to go. Going along with that is recoil. If you are using a powerful gun, remember that it recoils. At mid-long range, use burst fire. If you ever use full auto, remember to aim down slightly after the first 3-4 shots so that the kick of the gun stays in check, hitting at body/head level.

4. Watching good people is key, I learn more from what others know than I could ever figure out myself. Who knows, you just might learn a cool hiding spot, or learn a new trick. Watch where good people fire, where they aim, and the frequency of their shots. Unless you have the Mp5, UMP, or the P90, you will have to slow down and take careful aim to hit your targets now in CS 1.4. If you have one of the submachine guns, take advantage of their superior accuracy while running. Strafe all over the place and dodge your enemy's fire. If they have a more powerful weapon, they will often be unable to keep up with you running all around. NOTE: that strategy ONLY works at mid-close range. If you have an MP5 or other weapon that has terrible accuracy over long distances, then (duh) get closer to your target. I cannot count all the times that Cyrus has strafe-killed me with his damn Mp5 while I sit there with my colt desperately trying to aim at him.

5. Here is a tip that I struggle with at times: be unpredictable. Cyrus, it's almost TOO easy to kill you in the secret passage in cs_5star, because 8 out of 10 times, you take it. Lucky for him, he usually takes out anybody that comes down there, but then it's fairly easy to get him when he comes out. If people can predict where you will be hiding, what route you like to take, then they will catch on to it, and begin defending themselves well, armed with that concrete knowledge. Unfortunately, those that know me best, know of my habitual tendencies. However, whenever I break those tendencies (and thus, my predictability), I often suprise the hell out of the opposition and blow them away. Example: me as a T rushing out the front on militia. Be sneeky when necessary. Yesterday on Militia, my entire T team died, and I was left to stop 6 CTs from rescuing the hosties. Use your surroundings, be aware. I listened VERY carefully, heart pounding while sitting on the roof of militia. They were swarming all over the compund. I could tell by listening to footsteps if they were inside, in the backyard, out front, opening doors, or on a ladder. By listening to my suroundings, and remaining sneeky ( I got 2 kills on the roof, by the side door, in the back yard, and 2 out front. I went up and down the roof twice, killing one person from the ground, then sneaking back up top. This unpredictability kept them guessing, but nonetheless two decided to come up to the roof to investigate. Fortunately for me, they came at different times, on different ladders, but each time I listened carefully to them opening the door walking outside, then going up the ladder. From that, I was able to take them out as they came up. In the end I killed the entire CT team and won the round, and only injured one hostage. The key to my success was (other than a lot of luck) being stealthy sneeky, unpredictable, and being aware of my surroundings. This sort of thing doesn't happen to me very often, but I made the best out of the situation I was given. The other key to my success in that particular incident was the CT team's complete inability to stick together. If all of them had rushed out the front at once with the hosties, I would have been in trouble. This brings me to my next point: stick tight with your team. Sticking with your team and working together is key to any attack or defense. Unless your name is Got lead? or Firexcpro or masterside or others, 1 person can't do much to stop 5 rushing enemies. When moving out together, NEVER, NEVER line up behind eachother. JUst last night I was guardign the sewers in cs_sisge, and I saw a CT (I forget his name), and I opened fire (burst fire with my colt at long range). I hit and killed the CT I saw, and also killed {PAF} SoopaflyYT, whom I didn't even see. He may have just been passing behind the other CT, but the fact remains that he was directly behind his teammate, and my bullets cut through both of them. Entire teams can be wiped out by one person if you all line up for him/her.

6. Moving out together it is imporatant that you have at least one person watching your six. The only thing worse is to have one enemy come up behind you all unnoticed and have him/her single-handedly kill your entire team. I often find myself filling this role, and it is a crucial one. If you spot several people coming, tell your teammates, throw an HE to stall them, and retreat to safety. When moving forward, and watching the front, more often than not, you will come across an intersection od sorts, where you as a team will have to look more than one way for enemies. Make sure (and communicate to do so) that you have at least one teammate looking in every direction. If you all look to the right, then you leave yourself vulnerable to the left, etc. Cover eachother. If an enemy is spotted to the left, if it is feasible (number of enemies, gun they are using, gun you have, etc. ) lay down cover fire so that your team can proceed to the right. If a teammate is trapped, and needs help, go help them but do so cautiously. A teammate with 5hp is better than a dead teammate. Tehy can watch the back, be a decoy, hell, many people go entire rounds without taking a hit, and these wounded people can provide precious firepower. It also gives the enemies yet one more overwhelming target to aim for when presented with an entire team rushing at them. In other words, keep your teammates alive by watching their back, helping them if need be. Communicate. I wrote an entire post on this over at, so I won't go over it again.

7. On a side note, sometimes the most effective way to shoot at people when cover is present (a wall, a box, etc.) is to strafe out, shoot them, and strafe back. This will often yield kills fairly easy, allowing you to pop out, shoot them, and get back behind cover before they even fire. It is pretty easy to counter, but I'll let you figure out how to do so.

8. This brings me to my next side point: when moving with teammates, and they are peeking around a corner, ALWAYS, and I mean ALWAYS give them room to retreat. I cannot even begin to fathom how many times I have spotted a large number of enemies, or 1 enemy with his gun trained on me, and I go to retreat, only to find a teammate standing in my way. I get killed while screaming "GET OUT OF MY WAY, LET ME RETREAT!!!". Keep this in mind for the rushers, such as [*369*] Z3ro. When they rush out and kill 2 people, and run out of ammo, they will likely have pissd off some members of the other team, and grenades or enemies will be advancing rapidly on his/her position. These rushers often take large amounts of fire, and have lower health, so they MUST retreat to cover to reload, so for god's sakes, LET THEM! There is nothign worse than trying to retreat, having teammate sget in your way, and hearing the imminent "clink clink" of an incoming enemy grenade. You get blown to bits while your teammates stand in your way.


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Aug 16, 2002
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Part II

9. Coming back to my previous point of being aware of your surroundings; use them to your advantage while your team is still alive. Take notice of where everybody is, use communication "I got sewers, Im going bridge" etc. When your teammates die, take notice of where they were, and you can assume that the enemy is nearby that particular area. If your teammate says that "ALL ARE coming bridge!!!!" you can usually safely assume that the majority of the opposing team is going that way. Go to back your teammate up, or quickly try to flank the opposing team's rush. Be careful, as I stated before, it is crucial to have somebody WATCHING the flank. Anyways, I digress, as I am mostly stating team tactics, and I believe you are seeking single-player style tips. I have pretty much told you what I know; be stealthy, sneeky, and try to pick off one at a time.

10. I have a HUGE problem of
trying to shoot multiple enemies at once. If you are confronted with multiple enemies, ONLY SHOOT AT ONE until he/she is dead. If you inflict 50 percent damage on two enemies, that is not nearly as good as killing one and leaving the other alone. Those two 50 percent health enemies have twice the firepower of any single person they come across. That spells trouble for your remaining teammates, who are already one-down in terms of support. If everyone on your team (assuming even number of people on each team) kills JUST ONE other person, then dies, then you will win every time. If you die and don't kill one person, SOMEBODY on your team will have to kill at LEAST two people. That is unfair to them, so always try to concentrate on one person, and kill them. Well, I have a busy day today, and I only woke up at 1 pm, I am essentially screwed. That is all the advice my tired brain can think of right now, hope it helps.

11. TAKE NOTE: VERY IMPORTANT: These are MY tips, and I am by no means the best player out there, and some playing styles are not right for certain people. If [*369*] Z3ro (sorry to pick on ya buddy, but we are very different players) were to write his tips, they would vary in many areas from me. At any rate, I am not very good yet, I'm still learning this game, I've only been playing for a few months, and I also would like tips on my gameplay. Sorry about the spelling errors, I was too lazy to go over all of the post and check it. Well, anyways, there are a few hints for you.


[EUG] FBI Agent DJ37's Communication Tips

For those of you who haven't read my previous rant on communication/teamwork, here it is:

Yeah... those hosties sure are dumb. :) I enjoy CS a lot more when people are going for the goals (bombing, rescuing hosties, etc) instead of just roving for kills.. Isn't that what Quake is for?

Yeah I agree with you Sean- ([EUG]Got Lead?) I always have the best time working with a team to complete the objectives. The best rounds I have ever played were when there were very few casualties on either team. At least somebody from each team was duking it out to the very end or somebody from either team was left alive. I like to try and play the game as if I am a real person in that game, which is why I might not always go for the bomb when there is 20 seconds left on the bomb timer and there are three heavily armed terrorists waiting for me.....

Hey sometimes you get the worm, and other times the worm gets you. I like long drawn out firefights where each team has to tactically plan out how to get the most members of their team to the objective alive. When everybody goes to the center, there is a big firefight, and then there are 3 people left to finish the round out, that sucks. That is deathmatch style, and I don't like it. Remember, in real life a mission would ideally be carried out without a SINGLE casualty. There have been plenty of rounds where my team made it to the objective, secured it, and then ended the round without a single death on our team. That is true teamwork when we all are looking out for eachother, covering eachother, helping to push back the enemy to get a fellow teammate back alive. That is the true essence of teamwork, when you all want to help eachother stay alive an complete the objective. I remember when playing siege once, a terrorist got seperated and pinned behind a box near the front of the entrance to the garage. The CT's knew he was there, and were laying down cover fire and lobbing grenades while they crept in on him. He requested backup, and we all could see his predicament. Godspeed, being the noble and brave soul that he is, ran to the front and popped out with some cover fire, shouting at him to GO GO GO while he layed cover fire and stuck his neck on the line as a distraction. Godspeed took out an enemy, but he was taking fire. The trapped teammate ran back to safety right as Godspeed got struck down by enemy fire. Our trapped teammate survived through until the end of the round, and that very move that Godspeed did inspired me. Sure, this is only a silly video game, but come on- he deserves a medal in my book. That kind of comraderie is needs to be exacted by every player on this server for us to realize the full potential of this game. We all know that full compliance isn't going to happen, but we all should do our part. Godspeed never got returned a favor by that particular teammate, but his willingness to look out for his fellow soldiers is a concept that we all should revere. There are a lot of regulars on this server that I enjoy playing with- not because they have a high K : D ratio (go play quake for that), but because they are willing to work together and have a good time.

My advice to all of you that want to commit to using teamwork to complete objectives is this:

1. Talk to your teammates- learn other regulars' names, and ask them if they want to work together. hell make some friends, learn what eachother's strengths and weaknesses are, and work with that. Soon you will be able to jump in at any time, and find at least one buddy of yours that is willing to work together and have a blast. If we all do that, then we will soon learn to single out those who don't want to work together, and let them do their own thing.

2. Further advice would be to listen to your teammates. If they call for backup, give 'em backup - they say the enemy is going to B, go to B! Commnication is key! If you want to work together, most likely all of you will have to take up certain positions or go certain routes in a hurry- no time to argue. Sometimes you will run into a situation that you don't like- you have to go a way you are bad at, you don't have the right gun for the situation, you just have that feeling that they are all going to be coming your way.... whatever it is, DO YOUR BEST and do it for the team.

3. Always report in, then try to take out one enemy, or at the very least hold them off until help arrives. Know that your teammates will respect you even if you die, they know you tried your hardest, and they will do the same for you.

4. Don't ever put a teammate down- that doesn't help anybody. We all make mistakes, me probably being the single biggest proprietor of that :-D ... but get over it, tell 'em better luck next time or good try, and work on a different strategy that might work better.

5. Congratulate eachother- if somebody does something noteworthy, or even something miniscule; such as they backed you up even though it turned out to be a false alarm, they laid down some cover fire, whatever they did that helped or was a nice thought, say thank you :) It's the people that make this game a fun, interactive, team based game.

6. As I said before, not everyone is here to play a team-based game that involves objectives. I respect their right to play however thay want, although I do wish that they would play quake or something else that catered more to their style. So get to know who plays here with you, even if it's just so that whenever you see them you say "Hey how's it goin' (insertnamehere)". Soon you will get to know enough people to communicate and work well together, and even to formulate plans and strategies. You might think that I am an idealist, but try doing your part and committing to teamwork and objectives, and see how it goes.

-you might be pleasantly surprised......
Hope to see you all out there- ever want to work with me? Holla!

-Dylan A.K.A [EUG] FBI Agent DJ37


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I found a lot of useful strategies here
they were very helpful. I think you will find them that way as well.

Some of the talk about guns can get confusing for newbie’s sometimes. If you are new here is a complete list of weapons.

here you can find the basic commands

other tips

Play with the sound OFF
Playing with the sound off will teach you to look around more and not rely only on what you hear. some oppenents are silent
which is not to say you should play without sound all the time, listening can also help, but just so you can get used to looking. Then you can look and listen.

Try using simple maps
using simple maps (aim_map) can help keep you from a bad habit, spraying and praying. Using simple maps will also help improve aim and reflexes.

starter gun
for a starter gun learn the mp5 navy. Fairly easy to lean and will introduce you to wonderful world of shooting people!

crouching and walking
crouching helps steady your weapon and also lowers your profile making you a smaller target. Walking is silent in CS but you run by default. Crouching and moving slowly at the same time will make you silent. Thus you can sneak up on your unknowing opponent and BAM!

come on now...
Try to be familiar with every Counter-Strike map. Do not play one map only. There are a lot of de_dust experts out there.

talk to me baby
Chat with people when you are dead. Ask questions. Most Counter-Strike players love to talk.

have any other tips you want added? PM me or make your own thread.. it just might get stickeyd

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Very nice. Thanks.


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submited by DDRaddict

I’ll start off with the basics, pistols.
1. .45 USP Tactical (Buy, 1, 1) this is the starting pistol of the ct’s. It’s a good gun but the recoil after a few shots can screw u if u don’t know how to use it. After the first 3 shots the bullets just start flying. U should start aiming the crosshair lower as u see the bullets going over your enemy’s head. A common tactic I use is to aim for the head first and lower my crosshair to their stomach. This usually kills them or gets me an hs.
2. Glock 18 (Buy, 1, 2) a glock is the starting pistol of the t’s. it’s got the worst dmg of the pistol class, yet still very effective. The glock is very accurate but takes usually 2 bullets in the head to get a hs. It does around 55-70 dmg with a hs, which is the reason it takes two shots. The semi-automatic mod is the one I use the most. It’s fast and usually sprays to the left as u keep shooting it and using the recoil. So if u aim for the head first and fire a few times u’ll usually kill them. The three-round-burst mod isn’t as accurate but can give u your one hit hs. Glocks are the guns for the pros. Unless u practice a lot with it, u won’t get good.
3. Desert Eagle (Buy, 1, 3) the desert eagle is the most powerful pistol there is in the game. It can shoot through boxes and walls if the wall is thin. 3-4 shots placed correctly will get u your kill. The desert eagle is also very accurate even though the cross hair says different. The desert eagle is so powerful and accurate I’ve used it to kill awpers from a distance, but this is very rare. The desert eagle doesn’t fire as fast as the glock or usp but the dmg makes up for it.
4. Dual Beretta Elites (Buy, 1, 5) I don’t use this pistol because it has horrible recoil. I have never mastered it and I don’t plan on it. The first shot is accurate then the recoil kicks in. u’ll never hit anyone after the second shot unless u’ve practiced with this pistol often.
5. Sig Sauer aka 228 (Buy, 1, 4) i never liked this gun. i've seen it used before very well. i don't have advice for this one. i consider it as bad as the dualies
6. FN Five Seven (Buy, 1, 6) this pistol is pretty accurate though the recoil has proven me wrong on several occasions. it can be turned into a very good gun if u can master the recoil. i've gotten hs like crazy if u only do a 2-3 shot burst from a distance. if your up close then spray if u want.

Time to move up, shotguns.
1. M3 Super 90 Combat (Buy, 2, 1) this shotgun is the basic. One shot reload. Very powerful close range, but not very good from afar. The 8 bullets at a time makes up for the lack of dmg from a single bullet. I have heard that “jumping and pumping†gives better accuracy and dmg, but to me this is only a rumor.
2. Benelli XM1014 (Buy, 2, 2) this is the auto shotgun. Very quick but not as much dmg as the regular shotgun. The speed more then makes up for it though. A little more accurate then the m3, but still not a good far range weapon. i find the recoil to be pretty bad. only spray if your close otherwise do a 1 shot burst.

Ok the basic starter weapons, smg.
1. MP5 Navy (Buy, 3, 1) the basic weapon that most people should start off with. With 5-6 shots most people are dead or close to it. The recoil isn’t too bad, but this weapon shouldn’t be used for people that are far away. The first 4-5 bullets are pretty straight but then the recoil kicks in. just aim for the chest with this gun. U’ll get a hs soon.
2. Steyr TMP (Buy, 3, 2) this smg isn’t the greatest. The recoil makes it very hard to use. Spraying with this weapon will make u a very easy target. I won’t suggest using this weapon.
3. FN P90 (Buy, 3, 3) this smg is great for rushing. The 50 bullets in a clip makes it ideal for killing several enemies without reloading. The recoil isn’t that bad, but aim lower as u see the bullets fly higher.
4. Ingram MAC-10 (Buy, 3, 4) the mac-10 isn’t good for far range. Took me 15 bullets to take out an afk. It’s fast and can do massive amounts of dmg close range. The only problem is that the recoil is huge. Just aim lower faster. Test this out a few times, it’s not as bad as it sounds.
5. H&K UMP45 (Buy, 3, 5) the ump is the most accurate of the smg class. The recoil isn’t that bad. The first shot is pretty accurate. It sounds idea except that the recoil likes to kick in after 10 rounds and u just start spraying everywhere, but your target.

Now for the big guns, rifles.
1. AK-47 (Buy, 4, 1; only for t’s)the ak is not the gun for newbs. It has the worse recoil possible for any gun. The first shot is extremely accurate. A 3 round burst is the ideal way to use it. Shooting someone in the chest with a 3 round burst will either kill them or get u a hs. Practice with an ak and u can become very good with it.
2. Sig SG-552 Commando (Buy, 4, 2 ; only for t’s) the sig’s recoil almost ties the ak, but it’s not that bad. The recoil makes the bullets go up in a straight line usually towards the left as u spray. When u scope u should only to do a 1-2 round bursts, anymore and u have to aim lower and your accuracy is worse.
3. Colt M4A1 Carbine (Buy, 4, 3 ; only for ct’s) the m4 is accurate like the ak. It’s good to spray but u have to lower the crosshair after the 4th shot. Without the silencer it’s easier to get accurate shots, but it has more recoil. The best way to use a m4 for close range is to do a 3 round burst if they are a far away. And spray with control close ranged.
4. Steyr Aug (Buy, 4, 4 ; only for ct’s) the aug has very good control spray. Same as the sig, don’t spray in scope mode just do 1-2 bursts. The aug fires so fast that u can see where the bullets go and u can aim the gun because the recoil isn’t that bad. This is another gun that is good for rushing.
5. Steyr Scout (Buy, 4, 5) the scout has a 2-3 hit kill. Much faster then the awp in terms of reload speed. As with all sniper weapons u want to keep still as u fire. Aim and fire is the best for the scout. U can move faster with the scout also.
6. Arctic Warfare Magnum aka awp & noob cannon (Buy, 4, 6) the awp is the most powerful weapon in the game. It gives a one hit kill if shot anyone but the feet and hands. The movement with an awp is very slower but the dmg more then makes up for it. Longer range then the scout in terms of scoping. Aim, fire and move just like the scout. Commonly called the noob cannon because it is a one hit kill and it takes “no skill†to use. These people are just ignorant and ignore them. It takes lots of skill to use an awp because the slightest movement will screw up where your bullet goes. Keep still as u fire and move. Very common to fire and switch to your knife so u walk faster.
7. Sig SG-550 Sniper (Buy, 4, 7&8) The auto-snipers isn’t as accurate or does as much dmg as the scout or awp. The recoil is horrendous and will screw anyone up. This isn’t a gun to use unless u have too much money to blow off and your bored.

And finally the machine gun.
1. M249 PARA (buy, 5, 1) the para is used for rushing. The recoil makes it very unreliable. The best tactic is to do a burst with it. 3 round burst is the one use the most. If they are close then spraying isn’t as bad. But far away use the 3 round burst.

Camping is used very often in cs. Knowing how to camp and where to camp is the key to success. Staying at common camping spots isn’t always good. Many people know where the most common camping spots are so it’s not suggested to camp at well known spots. Staying in corners or behind boxes/crates are the most common camper spots. Being able to hear someone come near your spot is the key to success here. Buy a set of headphones and turn the volume up. U can hear when people are near. Just wait for them to get close and jump out if u only hear one. If u hear more then 1 then wait til they pass u so u can shoot them in the back.

1. Running with your knife makes u run faster, it’s not to make u seem cool like many people first though (including me)
2. Crouching when u fire is a common tactic so that you’re a smaller target.
3. Running around your target as your fire will also make u harder to hit.
4. When a flashbang is thrown, turning around so your back is completely facing it will make the screen white still, but u can still see.
5. When u run out of bullets in your main gun always remember u have a pistol. Many people forget this and try to reload their main weapon. Pulling out your pistol and shooting will either give u time to run or kill your enemy.
6. When u die have it on first person mod so u can see where people camp so that u have the surprise on them next round because u know where they are camping.
7. Never camp at the same spot round after round.
8. ALL rifles can shoot through boxes (and the deagle).
9. Throwing a flashbang before u rush in is always a good idea unless your team mates are in there already
THANKS DDRaddict (this is writtin by him)

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