The search for Energon ((transformers RPG))


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Out on a Routine trip searching for precious Energon, The Autobots are plunged into battle with the Decepticons. The battle Brings them past a red planet. The decepticons try to ram the Autobots ship into the surface of this barren planet known as Mars. The autobots decide to put a good remaining portion of their ships energy to push them away from underneath.

As they crash together they both go separate ways each crashing one of their ship's wings into the rocky exterior simultaneously.

As both ships spiral for 10s of thousands of miles into the abyss of space still firing at each other they begin seeing a blue marble in the distance.

Optimus Prime: Towards the Blue planet. It might be our only chance of a landing where we can harvest Energon.

StarScream: MEGATRON!!!! MEGATRON!!!!! We are Losing speed and about to CRASH!!

Megatron: Starscream you FOOL! Follow the AutoBots... Even to the GRAVE!!! *Megatron holds his fist clenched pointing the mussel of his arm cannon in the face of StarScream.*

Braced for impact both Autobots and Decepticons spin off in different areas of this new world to them. With Hard landings they gather their senses and scan the area for surrounding landmarks.... Autobot land in more of a rural area.... while the decepticon land near an army Airbase....

((we know what happens next...

NO ONE! Can RP mainly as Optimus, while you can add little tid bits of info in your turn you can't control him giving orders for a major Plot shift. Only I can.

People RPing will play as Autobots... if enough people want in we will be able to play both as Autobots and decepticons.

Pick an original Autobot, or create your own.

Please give the name of your Autobot and his Vehicle.))

Also is it StarScream or StarScreen?

((If this does actually go on... later plot shifts Might Include Unicron and Galvatron.

Who knows Maybe even a few of "Beast Wars" character's might make their way... I personally always loved the Fire ant who called Megatron his "Queen"))


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I spelt muzzle mussel