The puller should have some sort of thrown weapon


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Feb 10, 2010
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If you are stunned, rooted, or immobilized and doubt that you can return to your party, inform your party so that they can come save you.

It's also important not to bring back too many monsters and kill the whole party. As you gain more experience at pulling you will learn what a safe "pull" is.

After you have woken up the monsters, turn around and run back toward your party. You may have to run past your party's location to drag the monster to your party members. Make sure you tell your camping party members to stay where they are. After the monsters are killed, go out and grab some more monsters.

Ranged Weapons
The puller should have some sort of thrown weapon or ammunition they can use to "wake up" the star trek online credits at a distance. This will allow you to pull monsters much more easily than just walking up to them. Even Warriors can use Thrown Weapons of some type.

Pulling Melee Monsters
Pull Melee Monsters to the front of the party so that ranged party members can fire on them. If you pull a monster behind your party, your ranged members will get "failed" error messages.

Pulling Ranged/Magic Monsters
The monster will only be pulled when the puller is out of the monster's range. Since they are ranged, unlike melee monsters, the puller will need to run past the party to lead the monster into the middle of the party.

Sometimes the puller will have to run a LONG way. Keep looking behind you to make sure the monster is in the right location. Then turn around and fight. Make sure you do not blindly run into additional monsters while running away.