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Oct 13, 2003
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I do not promise that any of these will work. i know for a fact that some will not work, you will know which ones when u browse through. Most of them are lag methods and rollbacks. personally i havnt ever been able to get one to work. these are just ideas open for opinions.

Dupe #0 (85% success rate) 8 Player Dupe:
What you will need:

1) 8 chars, call them C1-C8 for the time being. (More chars create more certainty)

2) A method for creating server-lag (this is optional, but timing is more imperative if this is not provided)

3) A method for causing a game-server crash.
First a little background:
When a character leaves a game, the game server saves all characters present in that game. This cannot and does not happen concurrently (all at once) ... it happens sequentially.

Assume for the sake of argument that there are 8 players in a game, and player 3 leaves... the game will first save player 3 (the leaving player) and will then save players 1 - 8 (1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8) in order.

This method revolves around the idea of causing the game server to crash part-way through this save cycle, and thusly causing some of the characters in the game to save, and others to not save. For best results, the method should be carried out as follows:

1) Players C1 - C7 all join a game in order, C7 should be holding the items to dupe and C2 - C6 should all have inventory + stash + cube full of 1x1 items. (this is to cause the processing overhead for saving each character to be maximized)

2) C8 joins a game on the same server.

3) C7 drops the items to be duped.

4) C1 picks them up.

5) The server-lag method is used to eat server-side processor cycles. Enough lag to crash the server or desync it is NOT required at this point in time, just enough lag to cause a near-desync and substantial action-delay.

6) C8 stands ready to perform the server crash on a pre-established automated trigger.

7) C1 leaves the game and C8 IMMEDIATELY performs the server crash (using the MSD module. This should be done using a trigger, or even better using a clientless bot to send the relevant packets immediately C1 sends the game-leave packet.

Tada... if the server was lagged enough, and C2 - C6 have inventories sufficiently full of 1x1 junk, you have now duped. C1 will save and C7 will roll back. Server-side observed symptoms of the use of this dupe method and derivative methods are a period of unusual lag, followed by a sudden server crash.

Most accidental rollback dupes happen via a process similar to this, and this method has been used by some fairly large item suppliers for some time now. It's pretty much unpatchable without a total reworking of several key elements of the game architecture... which isn't going to happen. The lag method is the msd module and the game crashing method is the trigger module.

Dupe #1 (70% success rate):
C/I = Connection Interrupted
R/D = Realm Down

1) Put items u want to be duped in cube.
2) Be sure your inventory is empty except for cube.
3) Use the soulstone dupe module.
4) Using d2cheatit, .load msd.
5) .msd set (click Cain).
6) .msd dupe 36 (to fill inv).
7) Drop the cube and items will fall to the ground.
6) Pick up cube and hold in air. (Click on the cube and hold it on your cursor)
7) .msd dupe 4 to fill inv then cube disapears. Carry on running modules to dupe more soulstones.
9) While the soulstone dupe module is running, go to wp and try entering different act until u get c/i.
10) C/I.
Player B:
12) After player A drops you goto act 4 and pick up items and leave game.

If you lost you cube with your items in it, .receive 7715. If they are still there just go pickup another cube. Note: don't pick up your items out of the cube, you will crash!

Dupe #2 (60% success rate):
step1: goto alakor

step2: endless gold him and fill up enough gold to where it starts to drop on floor

step3:go afk for about five minutes when u come back notice the golds dropping in the same spot repeadiatly neverending "IMPORTANT DONT LET IT DO IT TOO LONG itll cause a full game rollback not just the people in act3"

step4: QUICKLY drop what u want duped it dont matter if no1 has it act3 will only be bugged for about ten minutes seeing as how gold has a lifetime now! u just need someone in act 1-2-4-5 any of those to keep game alive cuz everyone in act 3 will rollback but game will not close

step5: load up the old old old pickit and make it fight for the gold , notice you will see it flying towards edge of map at a relativly high speed.

step6: let pickit do its thing. if you didnt have enough gold to reach edge of map and bug act3 then repeat above steps till act 3 crashes

step7:goto a normal game so ull b in act1 in the dupe game

step8: wait till u think the golds gone and go collect ur items while looking at them in ur inventory

Dupe #3 (52% success rate):
Part I: The Setup A preferred character setup is this:

1)A necro with high level bone wall and poison nova.

2)2-4 Javazons with decent psn javelin and at least one with good slow missile(6 is excessive and makes splitting hard).

3)A mule with 2 sets of cd-keys and D2 loader so they can run 2 D2s at once. (2 computers should also work) Also, the mule should have a game waiting for him with a trusted friend where he can drop duped items.

Part II: The Procedure

1)Everyone enters a normal difficulty game (duh!) and make sure to have your fps and ping showing (do this by typing fps into the chat window in the game)

2)Everyone but the java with slow missile join one big party.

3)The mule goes and stands out in the blood moor about 10-15 yards out.

4)The javazon with slow missiles (not in the party) hostiles the entire party.

5) Everyone go out in to the moor about 5 yards.

6)Javazon with slow missile casts slow missile a few times while the necro surrounds the mule with an ass load of bonewalls. Once everyone is slow missiled invite the hostile zon into the party (just incase) and get everyone in the party.

7)Once everyone is slow missiled and the mule is surrounded in bonewalls, have the javazons start firing their poison javs. Try to stand far enough away that they leave a trail but close enough so you hit the bonewalls. Also try to get all the javazons hitting the same place as this makes the poison stack.

8)The necro should also start unleashing poison novas now if he has them.

9)Since this is normal the bone walls will fall pretty fast so have the necro keep remaking them as fit.

10)Your ping should climb into the thousands easily (I have hit about 4500 while doing this) Once you have build enough lag (Try around 2000 or so) have the mule log into his account with his other D2 and start trying to enter the game you are lagging to hell. He should get failed to join repeatedly. After a while, he should get game does not exist. When this happens join the game with your friend waiting. Drop the items in THIS GAME, not the lagging game.

11)You have now duped the entire inventory of the mule. When he disconnects the character should roll back and get his full inventory back while the duped items are still waiting in the game with his friend.

12)Dispense items among yourselves. Part III: Notes While this is possible with 1 java, 1 necro, and 1 mule. It is probably easier with at least one more java if not 2-3. This still has a chance of failing even if you do it perfectly. We got out ping to over 4000 one time and the dupe failed. If at first you don't succeed (and you probably wont) try try again.

Dupe #4 (40% success rate):
--There are three players in the game:player A - a paladinplayer B - a ranged attacker and the source for the dupesplayer C - item keeper.

1. B hostiles A and namelocks A (hovers the mouse over him, and presses right mouse button -DOESNT RELEASE IT) by attacking with a bow.

2. The Paladin now smites you into town while your still name locked. This will allow you to attack him while in town. (You will look like your in town with your bow at your side, but the Paladin outside is still getting shot, he'll still be getting damage.) So now your 50/50 in and out of the Act 1 entrance. (Note: probably better to use a low ED bow for this)
3. This part will either result in a dupe or a roll back. Either drop the item you want to dupe or roll back on the ground and then hostile the third person. The game will lag and you hit alt+f4. Then you will just drop. No message will be dispalyed saying that you dropped, you'll just leave. Or you can trade the item you want to roll back or dupe to the third person then hostile them then hit alt+f4.

Dupe #5 (20% success rate):
1 ) Player A (the player with the items you wish to dupe) creates a game and waits for the second player (Player B) to join. Player B must have an automatic item grabber such as Pickit activated.

2 ) A third player (Player C) that also has an Item-Grabber activated joins the game and goes to another act, other than the act that the first 2 players are in (Act 1).

3 ) Player A and Player B stand near the waypoint in town in Act 1and wait for Player C to come to Act 1.

4 ) The Difficult part--Player A gets ready to drop the item that is going to be duped and then at the same time, player C comes to Act 1 with an Item-Grabber activated and causes the game to crash since both Item-Grabbers on both Player B and Player C fight for the item until the game crashes.

5 ) Start a new game with Player B and Player C to see which one picked-up the item. Player A will still have the original item in his inventory. And the item has been duped.

Dupe #6 (20-50% Success Rate):

1 ) Go cowing/questing etc. until you lag-out in a game. You will know have ‘lagged-out’ when you can’t type anything and it takes about 40 seconds+ (give or take) before what you type appears on the screen. For the sake of simplicity, the person lagged in the game is player A.

2 ) Get player B (A Friend) to log onto your account. Have him attempt to join your game, and it should say "Game Does Not Exist" (GDE).

3 ) Player B joins a new game (let's say: Idupe1/1).

4 ) Player C joins that game, and helps player B transfer all of the items off of player B to a new mule.

5 ) Exit player B and C.

6 ) Exit player A.

NOTE: This method works most of the time and the easiest way to get make a character lagged-out is to use an elemental druid or a necro. Using a druid, create elemental attacks that make holes etc. in the ground. For a necro, use bonewall over and over again.

Dupe #7 (100% Success Rate when available):

1 ) When you get the message saying servers will be shutting down in 5 minutes, make a game with the character that has the items that you want to dupe.

2 ) Have a friend join the game, and start muling the items that you want to dupe

3 ) Quickly have your friend leave the game and join another game before the realm goes down.

4 ) The character that had the items originally just sits in that game until the realm goes down

5 ) When the realm comes back up, both characters will have the items.

Dupe #8 (80% Success Rate – Only Works for Runes):

This method requires 2 people.

First person = PLAYER A
Second person = PLAYER B

PLAYER A should have the runes you want to dupe

PLAYER B kills PLAYER A exactly 15 times (count as you kill, it NEEDS to be 15)

PLAYER A drops the runes

PLAYER B picks up the runes

PLAYER A fills inventory with potions (to the brink)

PLAYER A picks up a dagger outside of town and holds it on their cursor (it's best to have this dagger ready)


PLAYER B exits the game (player a does NOT click esc to continue)

PLAYER A connection interrupted



The runes are not immediately perminant, you need to upgrade them to the next best rune to perm

3 Thul Runes + 1 Chipped Topaz = Amn Rune
3 Amn Runes + 1 Chipped Amethyst = Sol Rune
3 Sol Runes + 1 Chipped Sapphire = Shael Rune
3 Shael Runes + 1 Chipped Ruby = Dol Rune
3 Dol Runes + 1 Chipped Emerald = Hel Rune
3 Hel Runes + 1 Chipped Diamond = Io Rune
3 Io Runes + 1 Flawed Topaz = Lum Rune
3 Lum Runes + 1 Flawed Amethyst = Ko Rune
3 Ko Runes + 1 Flawed Sapphire = Fal Rune
3 Fal Runes + 1 Flawed Ruby = Lem Rune
3 Lem Runes + 1 Flawed Emerald = Pul Rune
2 Pul Runes + 1 Flawed Diamond = Um Rune
2 Um Runes + 1 Topaz = Mal Rune
2 Mal Runes + 1 Amethyst = Ist Rune
2 Ist Runes + 1 Sapphire = Gul Rune
2 Gul Runes + 1 Ruby = Vex Rune
2 Vex Runes + 1 Emerald = Ohm Rune
2 Ohm Runes + 1 Diamond = Lo Rune
2 Lo Runes + 1 Flawless Topaz = Sur Rune
2 Sur Runes + 1 Flawless Amethyst = Ber Rune
2 Ber Runes + 1 Flawless Sapphire = Jah Rune
2 Jah Runes + 1 Flawless Ruby = Cham Rune
2 Cham Runes + 1 Flawless Emerald = Zod Rune


- You will be tagged for 5-10 minutes after the c/i. Be patient.

- Don't pick up your bodies as you're dying

- Sometimes it doesn't c/i, but you freeze on the esc screen (if you're there more then 2 minutes without a c/i, press esc, if nothing happens, alt-f4 out of the game). It is STILL working when this happens.
Dupe #9 (30% Success Rate):
The Wall Glitch Dupe

1: Player A Sorceress with teleport, has the items wanted to be duped in INV not on body, all items on body will be lost.
2: Player B Sorceress with main spell that has a splash effect (fireball works best) or high TS/Meteor, and a empty inv to pick up the goodies.
3: Player A Finds a wall glitch in arcane by teleporting *(or wherever you can find one, I seem to find more in arcane then anywhere else, and if you don’t know what I mean by "wall glitch" then you don’t deserve this dupe)*
4: Player B Goes hostile and kills player A, TP's, unhostiles, and joins player A's party.
5: Player A Drops all items wanting to be duped in town, go's into TP, tele's to body *(doesn’t pick up, still in wall glitch)*
6: Player B Picks up items, and kills player A. Player B's first body disappears.
7: Player A Hits esc, and gets c/i.

side notes: PLEASE remember not to have anything on your body if your player A, it will ALL be lost and there is NO way of getting the items back.Gold Dupe & Patched Methods:
Gold Dupe Method #1:

Required players: 3 or 2 + D2 Loader
Required files: D2Hckit,Bind,Sniffer (and Loader if you wish)

1. Char A (with gold) makes private game.
2. Char B (with items) joins the game.
3. Char A goes to the bottom corner of Act 1.
4. Char B goes to the top corner (near Charsi)
5. Char C (or D2 Loader) logs onto Char B and sits in a channel.
6. Char A send the Lag Packet (a.k.a Spam 1 gold)
he types: .bind set 74 70 repeat 21500 send 500100000001000000 (this number varies, but it usually is this, use sniffer to find it otherwise.)
7. Char C (or D2 Loader) types in the Game Name BUT NOT THE PASSWORD and clicks join. He keeps doing this until it says "Game doesn't exist".
8. As soon as he gets this message, he attempts to join or create any game. (Except the private game in which Char A and B are in.)
9. It should take a bit, but when Char C should get into a game.
10. Successfule dupe.. 2 Players the same in 2 different games...

Gold Dupe Method #2:

Required players:
Player 1 = Packeter
Player 2 = Dupist Mule
Player 3 = Ghost Dupist Mule
Player 4 = Game creator
Required files: D2cheatit,Bind,Sniffer (and Loader if you wish)

Step One : Player 1 (packeter) creates a game
Step Two : Player 2 (Dupist Mule) joins game
Step Three : Player 1 binds gold packet to f5 key, IE; .bind set 74 70 repeat 20105 send 500100000001000000

(20105 Is the number of gold piles you will drop, if you have problems receive the game doesn't exist message, increase this number)

Step Four: Player 1 says NOW and sends packet, each time game unlags, resend packet
Step Five: Player 3 Continually types in the game name and clicks join until he gets game doesn't exist. meanwhile player 4 creates a game
Step Six: Player 3 upon receiving this message joins game created by plaer 4, drops items and leaves, player 4 picks up items.
Step Seven: You have now duped congratulations.

Waypoint Dupe

# of Players Required: 2 (will be referred to as A and B)

Programs Required: D2cheatit

1) A and B enter same game
2) B stands close to WP (Way Point)
3) A loads D2cheatit
4) A loads sniffer module
4) A Goes through WP one time to any destination of theibr choosing
5) A sniffs the packet and binds this to a key
6) A stands a few feet from B
7) A clicks on B for a trade
8 ) Just before B sees the Accept/Decline box A presses WP key
9) B accepts trade and goes into trade screen
10) A returns to town
11) A drops any items that are to be duped on ground
12) B cancels trade AFTER A is finished dropping items
13) because of the way the trade screen works, the items that A dropped now appear back in A's inventory, but they still exist on the ground as well

Side Notes: This was a very powerful Dupe as it allowed a person to dupe their entire inventory in a few seconds. This dupe was only known to the public for a few days, but was found long before that, the public release of this dupe was made only after the information had already been sent to Blizzard.

Anya/Larzuk NPC Dupe (Version 1.0)

# of Players Required: 1 for Dupe, 2 or more in game

Programs Required: D2cheatit

1) Load D2cheatIt after entering any game.
2) Type .load sniffer.
3) Type .sniffer show s 17.
4) Drop any item.
5) Type bind set 56 56 send (packet code you just saw).
6) Pick item back up, and go to anya.
7) Put item in the personlization box.
8 ) Press V on your keyboard.
9) Accept personlization.
10) Take the one you can and leave game, come back to get the second.

Side Notes: Only allowed for one person to get 6 dupes per character since it used a quest to accomplish it. Very wide spread and was made public very early after finding it. Basicly the most public.

Anya/Larzuk NPC Dupe (Version 2.0)

# of Players Required: 2

Programs Required: D2cheatit, Oneside Module

1) open personalize//socket//imbue
2) open oneside trade
3) put item in personalizer
4) make sure that item cannot fit in your inventory, move other items around
5) personalize item so it drops to the ground
6) cancel trade
7) pick up dupe

Side Notes: Very low end Dupe, it only allowed for one person to get 6 dupes per character since it used a quest to accomplish it. Very wide spread and was made public very early after finding it. Basicly the most public.


Oct 13, 2003
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Fake Items Dupe


Many players lost there accounts because of this cheat.
This exploit allowed you to open a chest/stash/box etc as
many times as you want without that the chest being acctually opened "for real". It was highly widespreaded and many pepole used it surely. With this cheat you could get kick-ass stuff from the chests.

Old ith method
NEED 3 CHARS! Char A, B, C

B=Item Holder

1. Enter game
2. Char A goes to NPC and sniff the NPC ID and open trade with NPC
3. Char B sniffs the ITEM ID of a magic or white item he got in inv.
4. Char B tells the ITEM ID to Char A.
5. Char A types .send 32[NPC ID][ITEM ID]0100000001010000 and steal the item! ITS VERY IMPORTANT THAT CHAR A NEVER CLOSE TRADE WITH NPC!
6. Char B Leave the game and rejoin.
7. Char B sniff the RUNES/JEWELS ID with the 9d Packet. And then tells Char A the IDґs.
8. Char a now sell the runes the same way as he did before. BUT when the rune/jewel appears in inv. Sell it back to NPC. Then go for next rune/jewel. And do the same. When u finished this with all runes/jewels char A tells Char B to go trade with Char C
9. Char B and Char C do trade/cancel
10. Char B Leave and rejoin.
11. Now Item is unsocked.
12. Leave game with char B and C first
13. Now Char a can CANCEL trade with NPC and leave game.

Old 1 person ith method

[0: Get a clean socketed item (which will be Ith'ed) and the runes you wish to use (and the jewels you're going to drop in) and plenty of gold]

1: Enter game

> .snifferxp show s 13
Chat with an NPC
* Sent: 13 01 00 00 00 ## ## ## ## => ######## = NPC ID
Initiate a trade.

3: Sell the runes to the NPC and buy them back again. (might not be necessary, but improves success rate)

4: Socket your item with the desired runes.

Pick up the runeword-item.
> .snifferxp show r 9d
Drop the runeword-item in your inventory.
* Recv: 9d 05 xx xx ## ## ## ## xx xx ... => ######## = ITEM ID
You should receive 1 packet for the item and 1 packet for each rune.
Sniff received packet 9D and pickup/drop your runeworded item. The Rune IDs are the 5th thru 8th numbers (read the *LAST* N packets; the first one is for the soon-to-be Ith)

For each ID from above (starting with the LAST one)
> .send 32[NPC ID][ITEM ID][01000000][01000000]

7: Once all of the runes have been removed, sell them to the NPC and then buy them back if you want to reuse them. (might not be necessary, but improves success rates)

8: Leave the game.

1. Upon rejoining, the item is an Ith.
2. Upon rejoining, the item is still socketed with the runeword - if this happens, you have to start over - attempting to desocket the runes again will simply dupe them (you can do this as many times as you want, but only once per game). This doesn't happen often, but it does happen from time to time.


1. Player A creates game
2. Player B joins player A's game.
3. Player D Creates game.
4. Player A sniffs packets 32 and 18, They do this by selling a potion to akara and buying it back then picking it up and putting it down in the invintory.
5. Player A plugs the packets into a lil formula 33ccccccccxxxxxxxx0200000001010000 (c = 32) (x = 1
6. Player A binds that to a key.
7. Player A puts the pot into his belt, goes into trade with akara and presses the key.
8. After player A has max gold, player A will drop ALOT of gold by repeatidly selling the potion over and over again, by the method above.
9. After the game is really laggy player C will log on player B's char and trys to join player A's game, after player C gets game does not exsists player C join player D's game, you will get a few failed to joins but keep trying.
10. Player C drops all the stuff on player B's char and player D picks it up, after this is done they both save + exit and player B saves + exit.

Matrix Method

1) Using Sniffer get the iid of a Npc(13 packet).
2) Using Sniffer get the item id(19 packet).
3) Bind this packet to a key .send 32 XX XX XX XX YY YY YY YY 05 00 00 00 01 01 00 00
4) X= NPC id
5) Y= Item Id
6) Than to steal the item just simply send that packet.
This was the first matrix method the workaround was very similar we just changed the packet to 32 XX XX XX XX YY YY YY YY 01 00 00 00 01 01 00 00.

3 player Matrix Dupe

1) Player A and B Trade
2) A sniffs 19 packet
3) Get the item id
4) a whispers item id to Player C
5) Player C get the item id and finds out npc id by sniffing 13 packet
6) Player C types this: .bind set 70 0 repeat 15 send 32 XX XX XX XX YY YY YY YY 01 00 00 00 01 01 00 00 Spaces are not needed
X=npc id Y= item id
7) Player C opens trade with charsi
Player C presses f1
9) Player C waits and items will appear
10) close Charsi trade, A & B close trade too

Faster Matrix Method (1 Player)

1)Delete everything in trigger.ini
2)Copy and paste this into there:
0=s 2f01000000XX000000
1=s 19YYYY0000 bind set 70 70 repeat 15 send 32XX000000YYYY0000010000000b0e0000
3) load up game
4) load d2cheatit
5) type .load bind and type .load trigger
6) talk to charsi and open trade with her
7) Lift up item, put it down
9) press f1
10) Wait for a while and 15 items will pop up

Unsocket Method:

1) Get the item id of the item(ie: 20 01 00 00)
2) If it is a fury runeword the rune ids are 21 01 00 00, 22 01 00 00, 23 01 00 00
3) Bind the pick up the item packet to a key. For example: .bind set 70 70 send 19 20 01 00 00
4) Steal the runes using the 32 packet; the item is in your inventory when u are stealing the runes. Bind them to keys.
5) Talk to charsi.
6) Send packets
7) Runes should appear
Close the trade and take the wp to another act
9) Trade with an npc
10) Sell all the runes
- How to sell runes:
- Hover the rune over an item in the npc trade screen
- Press down once quick to sell the rune
- Press the item in the npc trade screen to buy it.
- Take another rune and do it again. I prefer doing only 2 runes at a time.
11) Having the items u bought from the NPC sell them back in the order they were bought.
12) What was bought first will be sold first
13) When u are selling the last item be prepared to act fast
14) As soon as u press down to sell the item, press the spacebar to close the NPC trade.
15) Than really fast press the key that sends the packet to unsocket the weapon. This will lift the weapon up hopefully if not u will get rollbacked after a few seconds
16) Press I to open up your inventory and put the item in. Than quit the game and rejoin.
17) Wallah Item is unsocketed.

Fake Items

1. Player A makes a room, B enters
2. Player A Drops item he wants to dupe and B picks up(Near Stash)
3. Player A, loads oneside and d2 cheatit
4. Player B loads Fake Item.
5. Now Player B can put anything on Imbue box. He puts the item he picked up from player A and puts it in te imbue box.
6. He presses ESC and the item will stay in the air.
7. Press ESC one more time save and exit.
8. Re-enters, now put the item in the inventory.
9. Player B puts the item in the imbue box again, press imbue. It will Drop to the floor.
10. Player B picks up and then asks trade with player A.
11. If he does the trade cheat, it will say connection interrupt...
12. (IMPORTANT STEP) When it says connection interrupt, quit to desktop and manually exit diablo. (EXIT DIABLO B4 if quits saying interrupt.)
13. Player B re-enters same room, and if he asks Player A to trade, he will be busy, still in trade. And player B goes to Charsi, to imbue menu.
14. Press BACKSPACE then the item will be dropped BUGGED and Player A will still b in trade with the original item inside.
15. Now after Player B gets bugged item, he can ask Player A to trade again, on Player B's side there will be original item, and accept trade. (DON'T CANCEL TRADE).
16. They have different Unique ID's because one is imbued(bugged).

Yay dupe

With this method you can't dupe Runes, Charms, Jewels, Ith's, Socketed items.

- Join game with a high level char ( Enough to hold a nice amount of gold )
- .load yay
- .yay setlocs
- ( You have to be wearing the item to dupe it ) Click item
- If it says Item location has no item click your second weapon it will say item location 0 set or something. Than take your item put it in your inventory than stick it back on you.
- .yay setlocs
- click item, Should say item location set now. ( Just a glitch when it says there is no item in location )
- .yay start 88
- Trade with any NPC and hit W on your keyboard this should start the process
- For duping rings and ammy's you Charsi
- For duping biger items use Akara and make sure when you sell theres enough room in the NPC trade window to sell the item, If not buy something from the NPC

If you want to dupe classic items, There is no second weapon there for you cannot hit W so type .send 60 to start the duping.

side notes: this was re named to yay on the public release from cheatlist forums. It was quite similar to dupeswap and that is why both where patched on the same day.

Dupe Swap

- You Cannont Dupe Items You Cannont Equipt
- You Cannont Dupe Items With "Dirty Sockets' Meaning Filled

#1 .load dupeswap
#2 go in trade with npc
#3 .dupeswap start
#4 Equipt the item you want to dupe
#5 Now Pick up the same type of item (ie if u were doing a ammy pick up another ammy in your inventory) Then put it back down and pick it back up
#6 now .dupeswap swap (the item will move)
#7 now .dupeswap dupe 10 (10 is the best number any higher and u will get realmdown)

Telekinesis Dupe

First, download the modules. (Yes, get 1.10 d2cheatit)
Second, you need a sorceress, and any other 2nd person.

1: Have the non-sorceress player load b.d2h, and dupeh2.d2h.
2: Have someone drop the item, and have the sorceress telekinesis bug it on the 2nd player.
3: Go open trade with a NPC and type. dupeh2 set Then press control left click on the stuck item, then type .dupeh2 go
4: Your duping.

side notes: All Items are non-perm, since it is a NPC Resell method, you cannot dupe socketed Items.  Â

PotMatrix dupe

Sells a belt item repeatedly without losing the item. Only worked for belt items, it was never possible to equip an item such as a ring to your belt and dupe it. Used to get lots of full rejuve potions, and to spawn gold for gambling.

Requires: 1 Person, D2cheatit + Modules(Snuff/Sniffer)
Can Dupe: Any belt item (scroll, potion)
Packets To Sniff: 13,19/24

1. Sniff the id (19 ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ) of the item you want to dupe by lifting to cursor from inventory, or sniff the 24 ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ packet by lifting item directly from belt.
2. Place the item in any belt slot.
3. Go into trade with an NPC, find the NPC's ID: (13 01 00 00 00 XX XX XX XX),
4. Send this packet:
33[XX XX XX XX][ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ][02 00 00 00][01 00 00 00]

XX = Gheed ID
ZZ = Worn Item ID

5. The item will sell to the npc and will not leave your body.
6. Buy the item back(if you have enough money).
7. Repeat as many times as you want.

Imbue Dupe

Made an item fall by using imbue in trade. When an item that was not white was imbued in trade, the item fell to the ground. Canceling trade rolled the item back to wherever it was before trade and a copy of it was on the ground.

Requires: 2 People, D2cheatit + Modules(Snuff/Sniffer, Oneside). Oneside is optional.
Can Dupe: Everything except white items.
Packets To Sniff: 13,19

1. Two players join a game.
2. Player 1 sniffs the 13 packet and the 19 packet.
3. Walk to charsi, find her id(13 01 00 00 00 XX XX XX XX), then pick up the item you want duped to find its id(19 ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ). Put the item in your inventory.
4. Player 1 loads oneside, player 2 clicks player 1 to go into trade. If not using oneside, just go into trade near charsi.
5. Player 1 walks near charsi, puts the item to dupe on their cursor, and sends this packet:
38[00 00 00 00][XX XX XX XX][ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ]

XX = Charsi ID
ZZ = Item ID

Gheed Dupe

Sells an item off your body multiple times. When using this method, the server failed to remove the item you were wearing, hence you could sell it over and over.

Requires: 1 Person, D2cheatit + Modules(Snuff/Sniffer)
Can Dupe: Items you can wear
Packets To Sniff: 13,19

1. Sniff the id(19 ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ) of the item you want to dupe.
2. Go into trade with gheed(or any NPC, was nicknamed gheed because the creator released the method with instructions of using it on gheed), find his id(13 01 00 00 00 XX XX XX XX),
3. Wear the item you want duped, and put any item on your cursor.
4. Send this packet:
33[XX XX XX XX][ZZ ZZ ZZ ZZ][01 00 00 00][01 00 00 00]

XX = Gheed ID
ZZ = Worn Item ID

5. The item will sell to the npc and will not leave your body.
6. Buy the item back(if you have enough money).
7. Repeat as many times as you want.
What you do, is take a fairly high Necromancer (best for a "bone-mancer") that hasn't put any skill points into the skill "Bone Prison".

Equip him with a pair of Marrowwalk Boneweave Boots and bam, the glitch is done. The "Level 33 Bone Prison (13 Charges)" instead of giving you charges, gives you +33 to Bone Prison!! This is a massive
boost for any of Bone Prison's syenergies, such as Bone Armor or Bone Spirit.

Step by Step.

Have a necromancer
Do not put even 1 point into Bone Prison
Level him to lvl 66 (boot's req)
Necro must have at least 118 str (with or without items)
Equip the Marrowwalk Boots
Add all the points you want into bone spirit
Keep on lvling...

This bug makes your barbarian go invisable.
1) Equip a flamebellow sword to gain the +to inferno bonus.
2) Set inferno on left click.
3) Set leap on right click.
4) Do inferno and leap and everything locks up and you become invincible.

1. Equip set items.
2. Die (by another player or monster).
3. Golden set bonuses remain.
4. Do not pickup your loot.
4. Works with all corpses (up to 16).
5. Only works once per set.
6. Equip your non-set stuff and kixxOr ass.
7. Pick up your corpses before leaving the game.

You can test this by equipping a set with a bonus +leech (eg. 2 Sigons
items), die and hit something. You yill get a leech animation. You
wont see any of the + golden stats because its a serverside bug.

This bug can make Necromancers invulnerable cause of a bug in Trang Ouls set.

Wear an item with +str and/or +dex which requires +str and/or +dex bonus from other item, Once they are equipped remove the 2nd item and the first one will still work and will use the str/dex it provides to
"hold itself" and also will become invisible.


You start with 200 strength, you put on a stormshield now you have 230 strength, now you put on a sword that requires 240 strength (but the sword also has +40 strength), now you take the stormshield off, the
sword adds the extra strength needed to keep itself equiped. but its a bug so the sword is also invisible.

You can use the new unsocketing recipe (town portal tome + hel + socketed item) if you socketed an ethereal item with a Zod, making it indestructible, and then remove the socketed Zod rune, the item will
remain indestructible, and will still be ethereal.

This only works on items that were zod'ed in v1.09, or the first day and a half of v1.10, after which the durability code was changed in a patch. It will not work on anything you zod now, regardless of which
patch you found the item in.

This may have already been posted, if so please point it out so I may give credit.

1) Open up the party screen.
2) Click on a WP.
3) Just as your character hits the edge of the WP, click on hostile.
4) Click your wp you wish to goto to kill the noob
5) Kill the bastard!
Using this in a hardcore ladder game makes it a godly bug.)

What you need:

Necro / Druid / Zon that summons a Golem / Animal / Valk

Character with Rogue Encampment Merc. (both these characters are working together)

The Necro / Druid / Zon hostiles the character with the Rogue merc.
The Necro / Druid stays in town, and casts golem / animal / Valk outside of town rapidly.

The person's merc will shoot and miss the golem / animal and the arrows will travel into town hitting and damaging other hostiled players.
ALT-F4 ROLLBACK METHOD (requires 2 people)
1. Player A creates a game and does absolutely nothing.
2. Player B enters this game and does stuff like crafting/identifying.
Don't waste too much time here.
3. When Player B is done, he (B) walks over to A and request a trade.
4. As soon as Player A sees Player B's traderequest, Player A exits
the game by pressing Alt+F4.
-> Player B rolls back.

Rollback Method, requires D2H@ckit, Trigger Module and 2 cd keys aswell as D2Loader
(D2freedom does not provide this sort of software... but surely you can get it from our forum.)
Use this bug to get high level runeword provided auras. If you use two different runewords that provide the same aura (Level <lev> <name> Aura When Equipped). This bug doesnt include paladin skill-use auras.

Use a dragon armor and a dragon shield you will have a level 28 Holy Fire Aura.

Use this bug to make your amazon invisible.

Simply have an amazon equip a Frostwind sword and cast artic blast.

This will make you:

- Invisible to yourself
- Invisible to other players
- Its supposed to make you untargetable (not sure)

Monsters will still be able to hit you.
Use this bug to turn charged strike into a ranged skill. Charged strike does huge lighting damage so the power of this bug is easy to understand. This is not only very usefull in pvp but also in pvm beeing able to hit doing massive damage without beeing hit.

How its done:
1. Have zon guided-arrow namelock a player.(hostiled already ofcoz)
2. Switch to jave-side while namelocking. (do NOTrelase your mouse).
3. Have Charged-strike as skill.
4. Zon is atking air with charged strike (just like when u atk while holding shift), at the same time damage is dealt to the other player, unless they blocked that single atk.

~now . charged-strike offically became a ranged atk skill. a level 28

Necromancer Duplicating Item Method

To clone the item, you will have to do some trial and error, it's best that you
get at least a friend to stay connected in your Private Game. Blizzard is
intelligent enough to destroy a GAME ROOM immediately, if you leave... Tried that
dozen of times already.
1)You must set your frame rate in Diablo2 command line to above 45...
2)Able to summon at least 10 Revives....
3)Pandemonium is the best place for this trick to work....
4)Drop an item first, not the one that you want to dupe, works as a decoy...
Summon thy minions.... Lots of them
5)You will need to powerdown your modem or have a Firewall program to

You don't actually need to do the Black wall lag trick but just your minions to
get stuck at different places (Between rooms, between Outer Steepes and
Pandemonium Fortress).

6)Keep clicking on NPCs in town, if they don't talk to you or if you see black
wall, drop the ITEM that you WANT to CLONE/DUPLICATE and then picked up the
decoy... Tell your friend to respond and pick up your duplicate item and
disconnect yourself and rejoin the game...

If trick is done correctly, you will see that you still have the DUPLICATE ITEM
on the floor or in your inventory. Should have another copy in your friend's


Oct 13, 2003
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Diablo 2 Battle Net Dupe Trick!

Duping on realms, how it's currently being done.

Ok, you probably get some BS things sent to ya, but this is a current way to dupe
on realms, and has been turned into Blizzard. So, use the info whilest ya can.

Ok, everyone is aware that backup copies of your realm characters are stored on
your PC. The reasoning is due to redundancy and corruption issues with battlenet.
a few friends and I discovered that Bnet WILL read that info in the case of a
corrupted character file, and will implement it into their servers if a few rules
are met when reading the info. Here they are.. if you want to see how it works in
a realtime basis, let me know...

1.) Files on the local PC, can't be much older or younger than the ones on the
BNET servers. 8 mins in either direction seem to be the cap to allow for it to be
read from your machine.

2.) Anytime the servers crash, or your connection is severed strangely, the BNET
servers read the info, compare it to what is stored as a backup system on the
BNET servers, and decide how to handle the problem. (to either restore the
character from ITS backup, or to grab it from the local machine)

3.) Closing out d2 via f4, pulling your ISP connection, or simply CTRL-ALT-DEL
will not close the connection strangely enough to pass rule #2.

4.) Trading, leveling up, changing acts, and going thru waypoints all trigger
autosaves to the server. As well as randomized saves too.

5.) Every few saves to the server, will result in a saved version of your
character to your HD, if the save cannot complete on your HD for some reason, you
will get disconnected from Bnet. When the save goes thru, a response is sent to
Bnet (mixed into the keepalive routine, that lets the server know that you are
still there)

6.) there are a few bugs in the keep alive routine, we discovered these during
the closed beta, and up to today, still seem to exist. (which tells ya why from
time to time, you may lose connection, and still be able to type to people in
Bnet chat).

7.) Newer info that is stored on your local machine (eg: newer than the version
stored on the BNET servers) automatically gets ignored.

Now then, it is possible to do a variation of the dupe trick that was originally
used b4 the trainers came out, on the realms. The only thing you have to be sure
of, is that the file is older than the last save known to bnet, and your
connection was strangely terminated ;)
(heh, powering off your machine seems to work, due to the fact that you can get a
ping response from the net still, and many ISP's will keep a connection alive
even if you are disconnected, keeps lag down)

This has been tried, and works on a 80-90% success rate.

Good luck duping.


Mar 9, 2004
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I've already read all of these "Dupe Methods" and they all seem like alot of work and being the lazy person that I am I havent tried any of em.

Has ANYONE got ANY of these methods to work?