Team Fortress 2: Basics Guide Part II


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[TF2] Teamfortress 2 Basics Guide Part II by @tKeR

Welcome to part two of three in my Team Fortress 2 guide. In this we will discuss about the Demoman, Heavy, and Engineer.

The Demoman

To begin, the Demoman is a very tricky class to use. He relies on tricks using physics of the walls and also timing of his grenades and bombs. The Demoman should always stay away from direct or melee combat as his close range is his weakness. Let’s review some useful tactics a player using the Demoman should apply.
- You should use sticky bombs most of the time as that is the strongest weapon for the Demoman.
- You can use your sticky bombs to boost you into unreachable places. This works just like the Soldier’s Rocket boost.
- A good trick is to place sticky bombs on ceilings rather than floors. This is because most players tend to not notice the ceilings!
- Another trick is to guide people into your sticky bombs. While you are being chased, make a cut in a corner and drop a bomb. They should not notice it and therefore the predator becomes the prey.
It’s a tricky class but if used correctly, the Demoman can be one of the most powerful classes in the game.


The heavy uses big guns. However, the price for having huge Minigun is that it is the slowest class in the game. The Medic and the Heavy make a dangerous combo and you should know by now that an Uber-Charged Heavy can kill multiple enemies. Let’s review some useful tactics to use while playing as a Heavy.
- Not wasting ammo is key for the heavy. Despite his huge ammo count, every one of them is valuable. In order to charge up your minigun, you can right click but this will give away your positioning!
- The heavy has the most health. This is true, but you should not get in the mindset of playing in open fields. A sniper can still kill the heavy with one headshot.
- When playing defense, look for a dispenser so you have a constant supply of ammo. If you do this, engineers will love you as well!
The heavy is a great defensive unit and even offensively when paired up with a medic. He is weak when soloing.


In order to be a good engineer, you must play very tactical. You must know that the engineer does not kill with himself, but rather his tools. They are also valuable assistants to the team as they can also build ammo dispensers and teleports. Here are some tips and strategies towards the class of an Engineer.
- Always build a dispenser before building a sentry gun. Dispensers give you metal, sentry guns require metal.
- Sentry guns are good for secondary entrances as they can detect if a Spy is a foe.
- Never stand in front of a sentry gun, as you may be caught in its crossfire.

Every team needs a good engineer, and they require someone who is knowledgeable that the engineer is a defensive unit.

This sums it up for part two. Part three should be out as you are reading this!