Super Smash Bros. Brawl: Review


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Super Smash brothers is back with its latest installment into the series, Brawl. Many new characters were added to this game, and some were even taken out from Melee.

In terms of graphics, the game really surpasses its predecessors. The game runs in 480p, so you can enjoy it in slight high-definition.

The animations are very well done. The Final Smash animations are especially the best. However, as it goes on, you start to care less for the animations and just use them for the amazing moves that they are.

The sound could very well be the highlight of Brawl. Many composers worked on this game, and a ton of songs were re-mixed to fit Brawl's fighting style. It's impossible to go wrong with tunes from Mario, Zelda, Sonic and Metal Gear. Although, it would have been nicer if they had added more songs, and they could have.

The fighting sounds are essentially perfect and exactly what I expected. The voice actors from the characters were very well done, as it should be. Pikachu's voice was from the anime.

The game play remains the same. But, is that really a downside? Why mess with success? It focuses on the concept of pitting Nintendo characters in a match. Link vs. Mario, who would win?

However, instead of HP reduction, Smash has always been notorious for its goal, knocking an opponent off the stage. Raise their meter and knock them off. It's very simple, yet a very addictive concept that doesn't do you wrong. Each character, for the most part, has their own unique moves, along with a Final Smash.

Don't miss this game.

Dark Blade gives this game an A.