Suggestion: Adjust the Control Panel layout


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May 30, 2003
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Humble, Texas
I absolutely hate the user control panel on BF.

you click it, and the first thing it has is some giant wall of spam with a referal link, ive never actually read the entire thing and i doubt anyone else has.

once you scroll down(1) you finally get to the rest of the "real" stuff on your User panel homepage.

after that, the main reasons you visit the user CP is to A. change your avatar/signature, B. change your personal user information, or C. send/recieve/read PM's. For me (and i assume most people) the first thing you want to do is read/respond to PM's, but in order to do so you ahve to scroll nearly all the way down the list of options on the left (2 + 3) What do you do more? Edit your profile/sig, or respond to a PM (granted, some of you will obviously answer profile/sig because you have some kind of ADD problem...DM is a good example of this.)

1. I should not have to scroll down to view the main content of my CP. either shorten the spamwall or remove it completely

2. PM box (inbox/outbox/etc) should be at the top of the column, making it easily accessible without scrolling.

3. Move the signature/profile down on the list, no reason for that to be the first options, same with Settings and options

make the user CP more user friendly it sux so bad D:


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Apr 11, 2009
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If DirtyDog has intentions to change it, I've got a suggested site that uses a good makeup.