Stories of Exclusive Elite Monsters in ACT 1 (Part Five)


Aug 10, 2012
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We all know that Blizzard loves color egg. We can see color eggs from scene to background, item descriptions to equip names. Here I will tell you stories about the exclusive purple monsters. All the monsters here are exclusive purple monsters from the exclusive Challenge Achievements in ACT 1.
Monster: Cudgelarm
Description: Undead Mauler
Race: Skeleton
Type: Undead
Location: ACT 1 Cathedral Level 2

This is an old monster appeared since the beta. Its description Undead Mauler makes players of Diablo 2 think of Death Mauler easily. Considering the corpse demons are produced with some devil mana by the corpse abandoned in the Mass Grave, Cudgelarm is probably produced with Death Mauler’s corpse.
Death Mauler in Diablo 2 is a cave demon. They live in the deep cave of the burning hell. They have rough and thick skin and hard outermost shell with spikes. Death Mauler is heavy but tenacious. They can initiate attacks very far away with their tentacles reaching into the underground rapidly and secretly. And spring out of the enemy’s feet to impale the enemy.


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