Starcraft Sounds


This may seem like a weird or n00b question...but is there a program/editor that allows u to convert songs ( or pieces of them) into valid .WAV files for use in Starcraft triggers??


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If you are meaning mp3 to wav, yes, but very few are free, and most are trial version with limitations of like 15 conversions, then option to buy.
But yes they are out there.

Check these sites, and see if you find what you want, you may have to do some searching........ wav

Once you find what you want, Windows comes with a utility called Sound Recorder.
You will find it in the Entertainment area, of you Accessories menu.
It can split wav files into pieces, combine, change speed, add echos, and convert the properties of the file, so it takes less space on your maps.

Always keep in mind the dialup users of the game.
The more sound files you add, the slower the download for them, or anybody that downloads from them.

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Hey thanks alot man!..i did some sloothing and i found a free, no limitation mp3 converter, thanks alot for the site


lol, you know there IS a way to edit counters right crooked? :) I did it with my popup elimator... anything that says '20 day trial version' just set your clock back a couple years and you have a endless popup eliminator! :) :) If you want, pm me on how to edit converter #s, and yes, you CAN put them negative... so ex. say it has 10 converter trial, you can change it to -9999999999999 and have 9999999999999 converts without downloading/buying it! :)