Starcraft (Original): Insurrection Graphics Glitch

Hey everybody

I'm playing Starcraft: Insurrection and I have these weird graphical glitches. I did used to have the one where all the colours were inverted but I used the .bat file trick and that made all the colours go back to normal, here's the text for the bat file if you have the same problem, just make a .bat file on your desktop and call it Starcraft.bat, then right click and edit it and input this text and then save:

taskkill /f /IM explorer.exe
C:\"Program Files\StarCraft"\"StarCraft.exe"
start explorer.exe

The first line will close explorer.exe, this is your task bar and your open folders and things like that, and this will fix the colour issue. When you exit starcraft the explorer will reopen automatically, but if you had any folders open then you'll have to reopen them again cause it won't reopen them automatically.

Second line is where your install directory is located, this will make it automatically execute starcraft when you execute the .bat file.

And last line will restart explorer.exe

Ok so now that that's out of the way, I still have a couple of small graphical glitches I have come across:

As you can see with the picture above there are 3 of them, and when in-game they glow very gently, like a burning fire or something.

With this next picture it might be hard to find the glitches, but if you drag your eyes to the right of the Science Vessel, there will be one right there. Then to find the other one just look North of the Science Vessel and it will be a little bit North West.

So does anyone have a good fix for this?

Thank you.