Starcraft Map Reviews


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Whats up guys. Recently, I have started posting map reviews at ScMaps.Net . I thought it would be a good idea and that people would enjoy some map critique.

My reviews are based on five key factors:

Concept: The idea.
Gameplay: Deliverance of the concept.
Layout: Basically how good the map looks.
Triggers: How well constructed the map is.
Replay Value: How many times you will play the map.

If you wish for one of your maps to be reviewed, feel free to either E-mail me or private message on these forums.

Thanks :cool: .


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Hush monkies, master virus.

Thanks Bolt. At the moment, ScMaps.Net is down, but should be back up in the next few days. Hopefully.

Feel free to post your maps here if you wish for them to be reviewed.


Rygon is a good critic. I also submit reviews for
Whenever the site comes back I got 2 more reviews to post.


When I'm done with my map, I'll send it to you for review, but I haven't started it yet, but it should be done in a month or two.


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Dear god the website is still up.

I miss bolt_head, moof, and idoL :(.

Oh well, maybe this'll give Az something to void.