Starcraft map hack v1.10 source code

hi can someone give me the starcraft map hack source code?

or can give me a link to starcraft hacks for mac?


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Lol! Your screwed with a mac. Most, or should i say, all hacks are in windows. Good luck on finding hacks.


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Why the hell would anyone buy anything? Personal preferance of course. He owns a mac so he had to deal with not getting hacks. :) I remeber some 1.07 hacks for mac, I could look around for them, maybe get the creators names, but that's about it.


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I personally hate macs, but I'm not going to flame him.

He has a mac so deal with it.

Sorry,but I don't know where any Mac Hacks are for Starcraft. There might be some sort of program out there that lets you run Windows programs on a Mac, but I don't know.

My friend runs Linux, but he has something that lets him run all windows programs, so I assume there is the equilivent of this for a mac.


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just out of curiousty what language, or how would one write a hack to make it work for a mac?
Yes you (I) can edit memory of programs running on a Mac. I know the Windows source code will be quite different than what would be required for Mac OS, but I want the it anyway to get an idea of how the program would interact with StarCraft. I know well enough how to work with Mac OS, but what I need is an example for working with StarCraft! A little deal: if I succeed at porting it to Mac OS, then (if you want) I can make it say "made by (your screen name), ported by (me)" on the splash screen. K Plz?