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Links to worthwhile strategy sites and guides.

Not really news, but I figured I'd compile a group of strategy sites for you guys ^_^. Enjoy (I couldn't resist plugging my own guide again!).

Strategy Guides:

Tsunami's Strat Guide

Here's a guide for Zerg players. Historically, it's perhaps the most well-renowned guide ever made. The author, Tsunami, was a unconventional Zerg player who employed exciting and unexpected strategies to catch his opponents offguard. Enjoy his insights.

Art Of Brood War

Here's something for you Terran players. Solid, but perhaps not as good as the above two links.

Recommended Threads

This links you to a group of articles and threads which contain helpful strategy. If you want to learn this is perhaps the best place, even though some threads are quite specific. I personally suggest Bigball's guide.

FennecTheFox's Zerg Strategy Guide

More Z stuff. A good read. It rivals Tsunami's, so check it out if you're not satisfied by his!

A guide by shockwave. Old, but still reliable.

A beginners guide to Starcraft. - Forums

It's not dead! It's my guide again! Tons of research went into making this the best beginners guide on the internet. Read it if you havn't already.

EDIT: Might as well give you replay sites also!

Replay Sites
YGCLAN »çÀÌÆ®°¡ ºÃ¸®µÇ¾ú½À´Ã´Ù. (click third link on the top, it's a korean site like yaoyuan)
Official StarCraft Website for Team Areola, a StarCraft Clan (Team) Dedicated to Fun
GosuGamers - StarCraft Replays (it's primarily a forum, but it still has some solid replays)
Starcraft Pro Gaming News

I'll add more when I think of it.