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I have used mapping tools on my old computer, i have this problem now, my old computer's discette drive is #!=ؤ=?! up and it's network access is also #!&)!#)!& up and now i want to ind a very good map editor tool, but i can't.

I have heard about StarDraft, but i can't install it.

And on my old computer i have this tool called HIM+ something.........i think!

So please can you give me a link to a site i can get HIM+ tool or give me a "walkthrough" on how to install StarDraft

Thank You!


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Even though I only use a few of the utilities out there, I try to keep up to date on them.
HIM+ is new to me, I did a search on it to see what I could find for you, but came up empty.
Probably the best editors you'll find anywhere is the StarCraft Xtra Editors, there is a link to it's download page in my signature.
That page also has many other usefull tools.
If you need something more specific, repost, give us details on what you want to do, I'm sure one of us can help.


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I think he means Him2001. I used to have it before i got SCXE. You can get it here. But SCXE can do so much more than Him2001, so i suggest you download SCXE instead.