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Grumpy Old Grandpa
As you all know, we are allowed to have images on our signature. You are all allowed to have it, unless you have lost your privilege due to abuses of the following rules.

The set dimentions and size of images are as follows:

Length: 550 pixels
Height: 200 pixels
Max file size: 30 KB

While you may have multiple images, they cannot exceed 30 KB combined (ie, you could have one image that is 20 KB, and one that is 10 KB, but not 2 20 KB images)

To find if your image is within the limits, right-click your image and click Properties. There, you have all information you need.

Do not use images larger than these conditions, because some users have dial-up, as you know, and larger images will provide major lag, and make browsing hard for such users. I ask coRtALoS, or any Battle Staff, to confirm these limits.

Failing to comply to this limits may result in having your images on signature privilege removed.

In order to put up the image you want in your signature, it must be, first, on the Internet. You can't atach directly a image on your computer to your signature. Therefore, you must upload it to a Internet hosting site.

After doing so, what you must do is to copy the url of the img (do so by right-clicking it, click the Properties option, and find the url on the board that appears). Then, go to your Edit Profile option, go to the signature part, and write the following marks:
And there you go, the image is ready to appear. Please try not to break the rules about the size of the image.

If you have this great image to post, but you do not have a place to host it, I give you this list of hosting sites. As I do not know many places, I ask anyone that knows of any hosting site not present here to PM me with it.

If still, anyone has difficulties on registering, I hereby offer myself to host images. If you need so, e-mail me the image, explaining that you need hosting, and I'll PM you later the URL of the hosted image.

I ask here to any user willing to help, hosting images, to PM me that whish, and I will add your name to the list below. Please be serious.

List of hosting users:

  • TrongaMonga





Without any other information:

Thank you

BattleForums Staff Team​
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