Show your skill, post your replay(s)


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Post your replays

Post your replays thread.

40 views and no **** about checking a replay out. You're boring as usual my activity should be 0.0001 per year apparently. Don't get it, if SC2 doesn't bring at least life to this section what do you do here? ...

Anyway this replay, forget it. I will upload smth in higher skilled games of me provided that I see anyone's giving a slight care to watch.


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Here is how I love to own Diamonds,

TvP in this pack

I was close to losing vs P cause of silly mistake but turned the game. Dynamic fast games, not long hour wait to 200/200 then attack games. Tho, didnt work well vs Master League protoss who won one of the Go4SC2's and made me look ridiculous



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Stupid question, but where the heck do I save those files to?

Edit: Nevermind, I found it 2 seconds after I posted this -.-


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Hey pan, can you post a decent recent replay of a good Zerg build-up, two hatchery main base and stuff.

I've been trying that out and it seems pretty damn good, but I'm wondering if I should wait with the second hatchery till a bit later - it is the first thing I build as of right now.

Also, if anyone mind posting a Protoss one too, I'd appreciate it. I can understand early Terran & Zerg, but Protoss just bothers me.

Edit: Also, I ****ing love Infested Terrans!


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Here's a highly non-standard PvP I played a while back, level is around mid-diamond i think

Some quirks about it:
Double robo opening on my opponent's part
I make two cannons just to kill an obs (great decision making skills)
Opponent sends a sacrificial mothership to the mid for no reason
I win a battle for seemingly miraculous reasons at ~17:30 or ~18:00
Opponent's name is in all caps, what an angry dude

hope i uploaded it properly <_<