Should Renzokuken be de modded

De mod Renzokuken

  • Yes

    Votes: 4 26.7%
  • No

    Votes: 11 73.3%

  • Total voters
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This is ridiculous.

Jenny, stop trying so hard to create drama. We don't need it. You lie in just about every post you make. Stop making these wild accusations and trying to get the general populace under your thumb. I'm not going to vote on this poll because if you guys vote me out then so be it. It'll be sad to see how many people can't see through your manipulation and lies. It's good to see that six members out there think i'm doing a good job (so far) and want me to stay.

Keep in mind Renzo wants to add a large post req. on The Asylum or remove it entirely as well as enfore more rules than already has, or ever has had. He has submitted no ways to improve the site, but only to add more rules and make Staff have more say over members opinions.

He doesn't approve of the Poll forum, democracy, or public/member opinion. Only his own.

Sic semper evello mortem Tyrannis.
Complete bullshit. I haven't said any of that. And if you think i'm lying, then go find some real evidence and give links. I have said that i'd like the post requirement reinstated and i stated my case - but it wasn't some enormous number. Hell, i didn't even give a number - whatever happens, happens. I haven't once mentioned adding new rules, the main theme of my staff thread was to have the staff stop being dicks to the members and just be nicer people to set the example. The last thing we need is dissension, but i see that's the one thing you're going for.

Also, i haven't even said a word about the poll forum. What Jenny quoted i did say though, she thinks that polls will make the world go round. And blindly following what the memberbase wants is the way to go. While that does sound nice, i don't agree with it. I'm not saying dictatorship/nazism, but i think the members don't really know what they want. We're all sitting in this cesspool spitting at each other with no real direction, we need a leader, someone to point in a direction and we go with the flow.

Irrelevant. Either way The Asylum is unmoderated. So he can only remove porn/wares/etc. It isn't unjudicated. Thus in my eyes him moving whatever he wants in and out against my say is powerabuse. Atleast that's how it should be, but with tyrants (excluding Kinkarso of course) running the forums that's probably not how this will play out.
Jenny, you moved/edited peoples posts countless times. Including one of mine today. My post violated no rules, so i moved it back. You abused your power, so i used mine to remedy the situation. Don't talk about power abuse, you do it all the time. And if the Asylum is unmoderated, then what the hell are you doing in there? Leave it alone, it ain't broken, so why are you fixing it? Sounds familiar doesn't it?

But like I said. Irrelevant. He's proved in the countless posts in Staff about wanting more rules and wanting members banned/removed that he's just going to be a Nazi GM. The power abuse and freedom hating is icing on the cake.
More lies. If you're going to make wild accusations, bring evidence. Oh wait, there is none, because i said none of that. You're a psycho hose beast.


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I have came to an conclusion that some people take this forum way to seriously,I mean come on people to get this worked up over something as simple as a forum shows that some of you have really no lives.
When you've spent the amount of hours and years on this site and gaming with the people on it, you'll understand. But since that will never happen, and you'll never actually be around while BF goes from one of the best Blizzard forums out there to the laughing stock, I don't expect you to understand.

And there's a difference between how we argue and us "not having lives". For a good amount of us, this place is a substantial part of our lives, and anyone who says otherwise is lying, likely to "look cool".


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As long as I am admin, and me, Donny, and Pan approve of his actions - he stays as mod.

Also, there will no more polls about de-staffing, de-modding, or removal of members. Staff are the only people who will be deciding this.
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