Seriously, WoW is too damned easy now.

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I took a break for awhile..but anyway, I more recently decided to start a new char, and I noticed that low level content is far too easy. What the hell have they done? I can take out mobs that are 10 levels above me with my mage...

Dungeons have absolutely no challenge to them anymore..healers don't even need to drink mana.

Seriously..ew. Again, what have they done? It's so boring..I think I may e-kill myself.


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One of the reasons I haven't touched the game since shortly after TOC. I haven't even seen the new expansion yet.


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Comonnn badboyyy duel or no talk.


Yeah they have made it pretty easy but they are taking the game in the right direction to go back to the BC days


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Yeah they have made it pretty easy but they are taking the game in the right direction to go back to the BC days
Agreed, not to mention bringing RBGs into the scene has added a much better flavor to the game that I felt during all of wrath.


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WoW was fun until the account I bought off Cortalos got banned......buyer's remorse.


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When WoW first came out like 8 years ago (I really don't know when it was) I think it was too hard to get to level 60. I remember 600 hours being very efficient. And I have played the game during each expansion. It still takes some time to get to the highest level but I feel like I plow through areas that deserve more attention way too fast and some new territories seem boring and just a filler for people will multiple characters.

Being able to hop on a friends mage at level 70 when I've never used a mage before and not die killing multiple 70's and without healing, is just no longer about strategy. They are changing the game to appeal to the masses more to increase their cash cow.

I do say, the new navigation system takes away those hours of frustration trying to find an NPC not appropriately marked on Thottbot.

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i haven't played in like... a month. i logged on today though while temp banned from D2 and i fell asleep looking at it.


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Idk, it just lost all its power over me. I'd much rather play an FPS or warcraft III than grind for no damn reason... even if the grinding takes 1/100th the time it used to.


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True that, I played high level PvE for 3 years, now that the game is too damn easy I cannot be ****ed to play it anymore :(
Just do not play it a lot. I do not raid weekly and have not seen all Firelands content but I have done 4/7 now and it is fun to still play from time to time.


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Now you don't have to grind as much? That's why I could never play that ****ing game. Was so boring. I bought an auto grinder and let it run over night and even that took too long.


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You can level fast with quest and random dungeons, and you can earn more gold during the lvl time.
But then, if you are good, u can have the chance to join in the raid, the instance is hard then be4. you may take more time in it.
This is true. Normal mode dungeons are easy, but heroic modes are still tricky. Even heroic mode of the launch raids are difficult.
The game just got too boring for me. Easy? Probably not as easy as Wrath where the heroics were a breeze after the first two weeks and the raids were the same in twice that time (excluding even the Ulduar hard modes to a degree). The leveling and gold grind is certainly easier, but it helps, and there still are expenses that need to be payed to balance that out. The raids and PvP aspect still can prove to be challenging in today, specifically Heroic and Arena.

I honestly feel a nerve being tugged by the statements like "WoW is too easy!" because I have to ask, did you make it to the top 0.5% of arena, specifically 5v5? Did you kill Deathwing on 25man heroic mode, even in normal (excluding LFR)? If yes then nothing to you, but if no, then I can't help but say you should get those done before that. That's just my opinion though, you're still have your right to say that and very free to do so, I'm just being nitpicky at a douche-bag degree.


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I don't like what their doing either but maybe they got to many noobs complaining because it was "too hard" for them same thing they've been doing to runescape it seems like, maybe that also helps them bring in a profit which are what their all about:). I would just roll with it and stick to getting higher levels and working their.


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I agree with you 100%. It takes no skill or knowledge at all nowadays. Your not even required to read the quests or anything, the mobs are super easy to kill.
They have made it so noob friendly it's completely ridiculous.


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Warcraft is a business and people are more likely to buy in if they feel like they have a chance of advancing without chaining themselves to the nearest computer.