Sc2 in wc3


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there are a few things in wc3 that are sc2

Extra movie:
Beat the game on Hard to get a very short clip of StarCraft 2 characters running under the WarCraft III engine. It takes place after the football sequence in the end credits.

Another extra movie:
If you have beaten the game on both Normal and Hard, click 'Credits' at the Main Menu screen to see another short StarCraft 2 sequence.


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That's really cool... how long are the sequences? And are there any indications regarding new races in them? There is gonna be 5 races in SC2, no? The starcraft ending was awesome. The thing that had me wondering was Jim Raynor & Zeratul, going their seperate ways... im kinda wondering if they are gonna come back and ally again in SC2... jim raynor really needs a new set of wheels though..... vulture? I mean cmon, all that thing is good for is running away like a pussy.

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hey doen't raynor fly around in a bc on the last lv of protoss. the bc is hyperon. it show his pictur in the little window.
This is old news...

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hmm so there is gonna be a sc2 after all.. sweet i look forward to that...

is it gonna be better than wc3 any1 here think or about the same just futuristic version of wc3
In WarCraft III you play more of a general, unlike in StarCraft where you command a huge force that will be put to the test in a battle of galactic portions.
They're meant to be more cartoonie.
The answer is: we have no ****ing idea.


all i have to say is sc is one of the best games ever made and SC2 will be the best game on the market for a very very long time and if blizzard is stupid and puts SC2 on the war3 engine i wont ever play it again
Originally posted by Sir.Noble1
SC2 on the war3 engine i wont ever play it again
They won't miss one fan.

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Its true that they will most likely have sc2 running on the warcraft 3 engine. better fing a new game to look foreward to.
We'll just have to wait and see...