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I did not see a post like this on the first couple pages so I figured I would start it off. This thread will be used to name every RPG map there is along with a small amount of information about the map. The reason behind this is because I know a lot of people have played a map they loved but a week later or even a year later they want to play it again and can not remember it. This happend to me recently..I quit StarCraft about one to two years ago and just came back a couple days ago and for the life of me could not remember any of the maps that I played. Sadly Battle.Net has not seemed to change as time goes on as I still see the same pointless games made over and over. Anyways to the point of the post. I will start it off and edit the post as people add more things. And to make it a little better I will add a "looking for" part that people can post some details of a map they remember and maybe someone else has it or even knows what its called...this thread applies to only RPG maps.

*RPG Maps*
Pathways Into Darkness 1-4
Most notable about PID games is Goldman and his experiments. A very good RPG map that requires team-work.

The Shadow Experiment
Most people recognize this map from the very nice audio that was put into it. Each gun a player shoots has its own sound along with walking. Minerals is your ammo and gas is your total ammo. Requires strict team-work as players will run out of ammo and die off fast if there is none.

Looking For
All I can remember on this map is one of the characters you could pick from at the start is a Medic that is a "shapeshifter" one of the other units I can remember is a Zergling. Sadly this is all I remember...


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Anyone have an old broodwar map called Open Ended RPG? I haven't seen it in years.. used to be my favorite. Also, Merchants RPG. If anyone has either please send it to my email: rawrxp@gmail.com


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Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! I created an account just to respond to this thread (although I may use it now that I have made it).

There are Pathways into Darkness maps? I love that game (the actual one)! I grew up playing it, but I haven't played it in years, even though I remember most of it quite well. I've played StarCraft off and on since around 1999, and I have never seen a PiD map. I thought about making one one time, but I can't make maps for the life of me. Where can I get my hands on these PiD maps?