Role Player's Realm Rules

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King Endymion
Oct 2, 2002
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North Carolina, USA
As this forum is made specifically for Role Playing, there are some rules and/or guidelines to adhere to. These are unique and must be agreed upon before posting within.

  1. A moderator's word is final.
    If a dispute comes up, one is to bring a moderator in. We are here to help maintain civility. A contest of flames is reserved for the Asylum and spam for Teh Void.
  2. A character is a writer's creative masterpiece.
    Unless otherwise given permission, one is never to control another's character. For ease of reporting, this will be called powerplaying.
  3. The thread creator is in charge of his/her own thread.
    Thread Creators, henceforth known as TC, are the masters of the story going on in their thread. This includes, but is not limited to, any special rulesets they see fit to employ. Seek their advice for any restrictions that may be in place, not a moderator.
  4. Fun and Originality is key.
    We are here to have fun even if basic, literary knowledge is required. To this end, try to be original. We don't want to go ripping off other individuals' character builds.
Not open for further replies.