StarCraft - Map Problem with Ai Nuke here


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i tried to reedit the "Desert Storm ultima" map for starcraft (not bw) because the different special abilities are unbalanced (Protoss mind control is too powerful). I got the idea to replace the "nukes and spidermines" special of the terran with somekind of "nuclear holocaust". So the terran needs to be able to lunch 2 or more nukes at the same time to different map places.
I created many command centrals and nuke silos for the cpu and i used the "Broodwar Terran 2 - Town B" Ai script to fill this silos. This works without problems. But when i want to use this special ability, the ghosts mark their targets, the message "nuclear lunch detected" appears and after 3 seconds the ghosts stop to aim at the target and the nukes do not arrive (not enough time for aiming). Could somebody help me?