Picture Thread With A Twist.....


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Remember the yearbook? How we got voted by our fellow classmates in certain categories? Well same concept here. Post a picture and I guess I will make up lets say 10 catagories. Then we can vote and get the winners. :grunt

But please I do ask only post if you are going to add a picture. If not wait until we do then we will post our opinions later on.

1. Funniest Picture
2. Most Emo
3. Most Preppy
4. Most Goth
5. Best Eyes
6. Best Pose
7. Weirdest Picture
8. Best Car/Vehicle
9. Best Dressed (Formal)
10. Prettiest Girlfriend (Couldn't think of another one)


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Nope. Not gonna happen.

I'm just sayin.


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Your idea fails.


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It was just an idea. Never did say it was going to work. Would be nice though and a bit different.

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hell, since no one posted any, i have the best emo picture :)

i think i snagged 2 ;)

damn, someone resize the second one for me ><!


this is a gay pic xD!


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"Best ***s on the forum"
im winning :) heh :D

T3h Sorrow

"Best ***s on the forum"